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Why DPS ?

Dawood Public School (DPS) is a Trust Owned Institution that offers sound education to over 2500 girls. The school has progressed and established itself in the minds of generations of students since its inception in 1983. It is a dynamic learning organization achieving excellence with the core purpose of reaching out to inspire better lives. We ensure that our young learners are provided with experiences that will, in equal measures, encourage intellectual curiosity and nurture physical, emotional, moral and social growth.

Our Vision

To develop an educational institution that produces young women who possess the capabilities of critical thinking, analysis and awareness of disparate environments. They will be instilled with knowledge and acumen to enable them to become proactive members of their culture and society, as well as to equip them with the practical tools necessary for their survival and autonomy.


Dawood Development Unit

DDU is the practical depiction of the ideology that every person in society has the rights to avail all services and opportunities according their abilities and requirements. Since the last three decades, Dawood Public School (DPS) has been continuing its legacy of providing quality education and training for girls.


Saturday School

Good news!

The DPS Saturday School is back with exciting opportunities. With a plethora of highly engaging and fun-filled courses; uniquely designed for the enrichment of your child’s mental and physical abilities, you get the exclusive option of customizing your own package according to your child’s age, interest and suitable time slots

Club and Society Program

The Clubs and Societies venture at DPS provides leadership opportunity year after year. Showing steady growth, 2018-19 has offered a variety of 19 clubs and/or societies for aspiring students.  Run completely by students, each Club or Society has five Senior Council members from Grade XI and a supporting Junior Council from Grade X.  The latter group assists as an understudy under the collective guidance of a Club Mentor.  They are assessed and trained by their senior counterparts for a deserved transfer of responsibility for the next session.


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