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Secondary Section is privileged to be the premium groundwork of Dawood Public School. It is a blend of academic brilliance and intellectual stimulation. Housed in a purpose built campus its environs bustle with young adolescent girls who are in pursuit of knowledge. It is here, that they are prepared to step into the world of higher education with a promising career ahead.

Our vision is to provide opportunities through diverse disciplines and activities, to develop the young girls in our care and provide a learning environment where they feel challenged and supported.

We expect high standards of achievement and involvement, thus we facilitate our students to work towards being the best they can be, in countless ways. We help them balance unyielding study habits with healthy recreation through a balanced curriculum. We instill in them necessary personality traits which will help them achieve their objectives in life, enduring moral values and leadership that will guide them to face the world as responsible well rounded personalities of the country.

Our faculty consists of dedicated and experienced teachers who honour their profession and are role models for students. Most of our senior teachers are with the school since its inception. They make every effort to help students attain relevant competence in their subject fields. They have a good rapport with them and are available not only in classrooms but outside classrooms and round the clock via social media.

At DPS students are helped to develop critical thinking, self confidence, self esteem, sportsmanship and leadership skills, to work independently, discover their potential and make rational choices for themselves. Initially we offered Science and Commerce but as we progressed over the years we added Humanities to our subject canvas. This discipline includes Environmental Management, Art and Design, Food and Nutrition, English Literature and World History. It helps students explore human nature, other cultures, be able to communicate effectively, use creativity and prepare for civic responsibilities. We emphasis on making students lifelong learners. Our efforts are focused on providing education that will give them multiple career choices and not restrict them due to decisions once made. Hence the groups we offer are a blend of different subjects.

Apart from the formal subjects, DPS offers an interesting variety of activities based on subjects such as Quranic studies, health workshops, counseling sessions, public speaking and mindfulness classes, gardening and cooking. These subjects are designed to groom students and to enrich their lives.

Our students not only learn to recite the Quran (these classes are not mandatory for our students belonging to other religions) correctly but are also guided on how to act upon the Islamic principles in this modern era. The completion of Holy Quran is celebrated by Ameen ceremony in class VIII. Students are encouraged to adopt moral values such as respect towards mankind, sympathy, kindness, tolerance and patience.

Food and Nutrition classes develop the culinary skills of our students and help them to be familiar with food and its nutritive values. They are taught recipes that are nutritious and easy to prepare. These classes help students realize the importance of a balanced diet for healthy living.

Gardening, as a teaching infotainment tool, emerged on Dawood Public School’s curriculum canvas in 2008 and has since become very popular among the students. It is taught as an applied science, where students learn by experience with the help of trained teachers. Students are taught the correct technique of growing plants, from preparing the soil to sowing seeds, watering and harvesting. The yield is later used for cooking classes, which gives children a sense of accomplishment.

Curricular activities, at DPS provide children with opportunities for social interaction as well as a platform to explore their talent. The school organizes inter and intra school competitions, such as debates, essay writing competitions, quiz contests, health workshops, compassion classes and sports tournaments. To provide students first hand learning experience they are taken on educational fieldtrips annually. They participate in literary events like KLF (Karachi Literature Festival) and CLF (Children’s Literature Festival), in national competitions, CAP (Citizens Archive of Pakistan), TCF (The Citizens Foundation)SIUT (Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplant) and WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature ) Nature Carnival, Spelling Bee, Kangroo Math and English Contest. To equip them with important life skill of dealing with unforeseen emergencies they are required to take up First Aid course at AKU (Aga Khan University). They also represent the school at international programs. Our students participated in the Dubai sports festival and in a program in India titled ‘Exchange for Change’. They have also been selected for the one year YES (Youth Exchange and Study Programme) through I Earn. We also plan excursion trips for our students to foreign destinations. (They were taken to Sri Lanka and Malaysia in 2016.)

We host clubs and societies, and persuade our students to enroll and participate in these. These provide a proactive platform where students are engaged in diverse activities and exhibit their talent in various disciplines such as Urdu and English, Sports, Science, IT, Music and Art. These clubs strengthens their leadership skills.

Physical Education, is an essential component of our curriculum this promotes fitness of our students. Indoor and outdoor activities like table tennis, throw ball, cricket, basket ball, board games, skating, rugby and taekwondo are carried out under the supervision of trained instructors.

Dawood Public School strives to provide meaningful opportunities to its students to make them sensitive to the needs of the community. Hence thirty hours of social service is mandatory for students of classes X and XI, Our students volunteer and render services at AKUH, TCF, SIUT, CAP, Fatimid Foundation, NICH, Indus Hospital and WWF. Students also organize charity drives through a grand scale Annual Carnival and Bake Sales through the year, donating the proceeds to welfare organizations.

Literacy classes are conducted for under privileged children and the school’s domestic staff after the regular school timings.

School discipline is managed by a committee comprising of faculty members and students’ council.

DPS envisions parents as partners in the education process and elicit parental co-operation whenever needed. Regular PTMs are part of the program.

The subjects we offer are divided into four distinct groups. These groups are designed to provide students the ability to be compatible with the subject requirements of local universities. Students are required to select any one group only as per their choice.

Compulsory Subjects for O’ level Students

English Pakistan Studies Urdu Islamiyat Mathematics


Physics/Accounts Physics
Chemistry Chemistry
Biology Computer Studies
(Choose any one) (Choose any one)
Additional Mathematics Additional Mathematics
Computer Studies Environmental Management
Environmental Management Accounts
Food & Nutrition Art and Design
Sociology Sociology
English Literature English Literature

Economics Biology/Economics
Accounts Environmental Management
Business Studies Sociology
(Choose any one) (Choose any one)
Additional Mathematics Business Studies
Computer Studies Art and Design
Environmental Management Food & Nutrition
Art and Design Computer Studies
Sociology English Literature
English Literature World History

The school boasts of achieving 100% result in the CIE since its inception.

Excellent results are never an accident rather they are the result of a student’s work ethics and the professional experience of teachers who care.

We at Dawood Public School find pride in the achievements of our students and teachers. Our vision is to work hard to polish our students’ potential and we are happy to report that our children exceed all our expectations. Our curriculum is designed to stimulate our students’ minds, to help them explore available avenues and to aid their education, not only to pass an exam, but to become better human beings.

The schedule for walk in meeting with the Secondary / O Level Section Head to discuss concern/s if any:

Tuesday between 9:00 am – 10:30 am (Secondary Section)

Tuesday between 11:30 am – 1:00 pm (O Level Section)

For scheduled meeting, you will be facilitated at the gate upon showing a copy of the appointment slip.