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The Department of Career Counselling established in 2021 with an aim to provide formal and dedicated guidance to the students at the A Level. Recognising the multitude of opportunities available to the current generation of learners, the department offers services imperative for the maturity of students as they embark on their journey to university life and subsequently, the professional arena.

The department offers individual guidance sessions for every student enrolled at DPS A Level. Students at A2 Level focus on decisions between viable options for further education at well established universities, whereas students at the AS Level are given broader insight to options and pathways as their time to decision making allows them to explore their interests and inclinations.

The Department of Career Counselling has an open door policy, encouraging students to avail opportunity for discussion and discourse for the avenues that extend from subject choices opted for up until completion of the CAIE A Level. Students are also engaged in routine awareness sessions which range from visits by university placement representatives to professionals from various fields of careers who offer valuable insight to the varied areas of interest spread across the DPS A Level student cohort.

The Department of Career Counselling conducts an annual signature event, the DPS Career Fair. Offering the collective experience of multiple panellists, the event showcases popular and sought out careers as well as the emerging options in the horizon of work related fields. Held at the onset of the period where students are at the doorway of university choices, the insight provided to attending parents and students lays the foundation for understanding the nuances of prospective decisions.

Headed by Ms. Sharmeen Hussain and assisted by Mr. Hassan Najeeb, the department is vibrant and dynamic, keeping abreast with all pertinent information for further studies in Pakistan, as well as options abroad. Students are advised on the opportunities available for Cambridge Learners and how CAIE qualifications can benefit foreign applicants. Students are also guided on the federally administered requirements of the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) which grants equivalence to CAIE students applying to local universities.

The Department of Career Counselling imbibes aspiration, promotes ambition and strives to empower the young ladies at DPS A level seeking further education. It works at the top most tier of the progressive academic journey of students enrolled at DPS, honing all holistic development to a culminating grand finale within the framework of the DPS vision of ‘knowledge to empower’.