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Ummey Hani

When I entered Dawood Public School A Level, I was the typical cynic. A girl who had spent nearly half her life at DPS and so wanted to explore more options. However, as fate had it, I ended up in DPS A Level and Alhamdulillah, to this day, it has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. Going in as a skeptic, I came out as a changed person, a person whose raw talents found an amazing place to nurture. From the head to junior staff, everybody was, and is still, extremely supportive of all my endeavours.

The 4 things that I found unique about DPS A Level were 1) their eagerness to let the students takes initiatives 2) positive reinforcement 3) amazing extracurricular activities 4) Respect and nil seniority complex between the teachers and students. For me personally, DALMUN was the highlight of my life at DPS, teaching me leadership, perseverance and compromise.

I am supposed to keep this short and to the point, but before I sign off even today as a medical student, I proudly credit my alma mater when I am praised by my attending consultants for my ethics and knowledge, because I know I would have turned out differently had I chosen a different school.

Currently pursuing Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery from Jinnah Sindh Medical University.

Batch of 2013-2015

Department of Science

Hareem Farrukh

My two years at DPS A Level have definitely been some of the best years. The environment in the A Level is really well-rounded, so to say, you have teachers who are willing to stay back extra hours to help you with your studies, the principal, and the admin are ever helpful, and you just grow so much.

I’ve experienced the best kind of changes myself – going from someone with no confidence whatsoever to someone who managed to act in a play during the second year.

There are so many opportunities and so much to choose from, you have activities ranging from spoken word sessions, to debates, to camping, and carnivals.

Another salient point is that you learn to strike a balance between studies and activities, (learning this does take more time for some, but you get it eventually).

There’s quite a bunch of room for creativity, I mean, my friends and I came up with an entire comic strip that’s on display in the reading room, it might not seem like a big deal to you maybe, but it was nice being allowed to cover first the boards, and then a wall, with our drawings.

I found myself around people who were willing to listen to you, and help you out. I found life coaches in the form of teachers, the admin, and the principal of course, and I don’t think I can thank them enough.

It’s a welcoming place, you won’t feel out of place for long, you’ll find your niche and will find your own unique way to grow and make an entirely unique experience for yourself in two years.

My two years here in the A Level made me grow as an individual, and trust me in my 18 years of existence on this planet, that’s the most one can ask for. I am now a proud Dawoodian pursuing my computer engineering degree at FAST University.

Batch of 2016-2018

Science Department

Sundus Mohsin

Dawood A-Level has been nothing less than a transformative journey, for though I have been part of this educational institution for as long as we can remember, since nursery, it was DPS A-Level that encouraged and supported me in evolving into a dynamic personality who was not only bound to academia but can fulfill any role with complete professionalism. The A Level provided me the necessary experience of conducting successful business ventures, managing teams, organising events, employing my mental and artistic capabilities while embuing in me the highest moral character.

I am currently pursuing English Majors from University of Karachi.

Batch of 2014-2016

Department of Commerce

Sarah Khan

Like many of my peers, I had come in with preconceived notions about an all girls school convinced that I wouldn’t be able to settle in. What transpired was quite the opposite of what I had expected. I had switched from pure science subjects to commerce and humanities and lacked confidence in myself next to my peers on account of having no preliminary knowledge in any of the subjects, and hence no kick-start.

My subject combination was an unusual one. The faculty was very encouraging and supportive throughout; my teachers all helped me cope with the stress, advised me on devising a study schedule and routine and motivated me to invest myself in the subjects by dedicating extra hours after class to my queries. I ended up securing an A in both my commerce subjects, the two that I had been most worried about, and I indubitably enjoyed every moment of studying these subjects.

I had a balanced student life and took part in extracurricular and meta curricular activities like inter school debate competitions, sports, fundraisers for charity, social and community service that were both conducive to my learning, growth and self actualization as an individual.

My grooming in DPS A Level helped me settle in HUF immediately.

Batch of 2015-2017

Department of Commerce/ Humanities

Tuba Shibli

Choosing the right college was not an easy decision for me. I was about to take admission in a college where I would have probably become a victim of tuition culture, when my family was recommended of Dawood Public School, A-Level by an alumnus.

I have never regretted my choice of studying in this college. The college has a cordial, positive atmosphere – with everyone being so approachable. I was blessed with teachers who knew well that teaching encompasses far more than passing information to students and that it’s much more than merely a profession. My teachers had a passion for teaching; a dedication to bring the best out of each student. They were always willing to help and give time.

The best thing about DPS A Level is that it not only encourages us to excel in academics but also equally emphasizes on the need to participate in extracurricular activities such as open mic sessions, camping, etc, as they help boost up one’s leadership and cognitive skills.

Overall, my experience was excellent and I am really glad to have been a part of DPS A Level.

Batch of 2016-2018

Science Department

Maria Shahid

Dawood A Level was never just an educational institution, where we studied for a few hours and left. It became the place that we identified ourselves with. It became our constant and familiar home.

The A Level gave us the opportunity to explore ourselves. We learned what our talents were and what we are expected to do as human beings. It polished our skills and groomed us into practical individuals ready to take on the world.

Currently, I am pursuing my studies in Business Administration from Karachi University.

Batch of 2014-2016

Department of Commerce/ Humanities

Noor Muzaffar

I feel privileged to be a part of the DPS A Level community. The A Level inculcated in me a great sense of confidence, which I realized was unmatchable, when I entered into the corporate world. While at DPS A Level, my teachers were an utmost support system for me for which I am utterly grateful. I remember vividly that DPS gave me a chance to become a part of student council which changed me for the better. I became a pro at handling difficult situations and became more organized. Besides this, teachers were always present in the front lines to counsel us in terms of professional grooming and future career path. Currently, I am interning at Unilever Pakistan Limited as a supply chain finance intern. My work is applauded because I have a strong base of my concepts owing to my alma mater. It has been three good years I have left DPS A Level and am a part of IBA doing my Bachelors in Business Administration, yet the teachers and staff is welcoming as they always were whenever I seek their counsel. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Batch of 2013- 2015

Department of Commerce