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A number of security measures have been implemented with respect to the safety and security of students, faculty and Staff. Some of these measures include:

  • Raised height of boundary walls and closure of illegal gates opening into the children’s park of the Primary section.
  • Installation of CCTV system and security cameras for electronic surveillance of all entry and exit points.
  • Documentation of private vans of the Pre-Primary section and issue of Dawood Public School stickers which are pasted on the front windshield of the vehicles.
  • Increased number of armed/unarmed security guards at the gates.
  • Construction of a second gate in the boundary wall of the parking area to facilitate entry and exit of vehicles in order to reduce traffic congestion outside on the main road.
  • Another gate has been constructed within the school premises to allow entry and exit of students from and into the parking area. This step will immensely add to the safety of the students, vehicles, and parents and their exposure to the hazards and traffic congestion will be greatly reduced.

Additional measures in hand are as follows:

  • Installation of additional security cameras for electronic surveillance of areas not covered by the existing cameras.
  • Documentation and issue of van/private car stickers to the drivers of private vans as well as private student cars.
  • Plan for the movement of vans and private cars, marking of parking areas, pick and drop points for students of vans and private cars and waiting areas for parents and drivers. (Please see the attached map of this new arrangement.).