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We are extremely proud of all the Dawoodians who have achieved what they strived for and have been able to make a difference in society in their own way. Therefore Dawood Public School is starting an Online Alumni Mentoring Program whereby our alumnus would answer queries through emails of Dawoodians. Our alumnus are looking forward to helping Dawoodians in any way they can whether it be a question of what subjects to choose or which university to apply to, you can always take their opinion and make use of their life experiences.

Here are some of our alumnus who have come forward to help other Dawoodians accomplish their dreams:

Huma Shoaib

Huma left Dawood Public School in 2003 after securing 1st position from class 1-8 consistently and moved to Dubai where she did her O Levels. She joined the American University of Sharjah and majored in Accounts and Finance in her Bachelors in 2009 and then completed her MBA in 2011. Huma started working in the American University as a lab instructor teaching Principles of Marketing for 2.5 years but had to quit teaching a few months ago as she was shifting to Canada. Huma wishes to do her PhD in Consumer Behaviour and Satisfaction. She would like to be associated with the field of academics in the future as well.Huma can be reached out on: [email protected]

Misbah Jawed

Misbah Jawed completed her entire schooling from nursery to O levels from Dawood Public School. She graduated in 2005. Her subjects were Accounts, Economics and Business Studies. She then went on to do her A levels from Karachi Grammar School with a focus in Economics, Accounting and Mathematics. She graduated from LUMS in 2011 with Bachelors (Hons) in Economics. After graduation, she worked at Teach For Pakistan for 1.5 year as the HR and Administration Officer. She then also worked for a few months with the Association for the Development of Pakistan. Misbah is currently working at Habib University as Assistant Manager in the Academic Operations Department where she looks after all programmatic hiring and supports in other functions of the Academic Operations Department.Misbah is an avid reader and writer. She is thinking about starting a blog soon. She hopes to start her own human resource consultancy firm someday.She can be reached out at: [email protected]

Zoya Altaf

Zoya did her schooling from class 1 to O levels from Dawood Public School. She graduated Dawood Public School in 2005 with Business Studies, Accounts and Economics as her main subjects. Zoya then did her A levels from Foundation Public School in 2007. She went on to become part of Szabist from where she did her Bachelors in marketing. Currently she is doing her Masters from IBA. She has been a part of Liberty Books marketing team as their brand manager and is currently working as manager client service in Asiatic Public Relations. Zoya’s main interest lies in the field of Digital Marketing which she hopes to explore further in the future. Apart from professional achievements, Zoya is also a part of TCF Rahbar – a program which is designed to guide TCF students and mentor them for their future choices. She can be reached at: [email protected]


Sabiha graduated DPS in 1993 followed by her A Levels from Muscat Private School in 1995. She took Economics, Accounts and Business Studies as her main subjects in both O and A levels. She did her BS in Information Systems from University of Maryland Baltimore County. During college she worked at the computer lab help desk and taught various beginner level classes to other students. After graduation she worked as a web developer/ system administrator for a few years followed by an MBA in business management from Dominican University of Chicago.Currently she is a home maker but she aspires to be a web designer again as soon as she feels she has the time to commit to this responsibility. She is a voracious reader and loves to write in her free time.As an alumnus, she would be happy to guide students on entering colleges within the United States, researching universities, and choosing a field of study.She can be reached out at: [email protected]