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Dawood Public School (DPS) is concerned with providing quality education, along with imparting special attention to the moral, intellectual and social upbringing of its students. We aspire to devise and adopt a rewarding schooling methodology to help our students nurture to their maximum academic and extracurricular potential. To realize this ambition, DPS recognizes the importance of cooperative working relationship amongst administration/ faculty members, parents and students. This document provides a framework of DPS’s policy to ensure that school discipline and ethics are followed by all stakeholders in true spirit. Please note that these regulations have been formulated in the best interest of students, to help them develop responsible behavior, discipline and positive attitude towards life.

Please read this code of conduct carefully as it entails important information about DPS’s policy essentially for parents and students. DPS reserves the rights to take appropriate action if the code of conduct is not adhered to. Parents and students are encouraged to contact DPS administration, should there be any questions or concerns pertaining to this policy.

Kindly note that the Rules and Regulations are fundamental in maintaining the decorum of the school. They are our way of making our social and community life successful and pleasant. Admission of all students shall remain conditional on compliance of these Rules and Regulations.

For Students:

1.1 DPS expects full-cooperation and support in compliance of this ‘Code of Conduct’. Students are obligated to follow disciplinary rules and regulations of DPS during school hours and beyond. Adherence to these rules and regulations shall be mandatory during academic and extracurricular activities alike.

1.2 DPS uniform nourishes a sense of equality while promoting self-discipline. Itteaches students to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance. Students are expected to wear the prescribed School uniform on a daily basis (please check below point 8 ‘Uniform and Dress Code’).

1.3 DPS aims to develop the entire personality, preparing every student for a successful life ahead and ingrain essential etiquettes as well. Students are expected to remain humble, courteous, congenial and respectful towards everyone at all times. Aggressive behaviour, stealing, cheating, indulging in politics or anti-social activities, abusive and racist language or any other immoral action will not be tolerated any time under any circumstances.

1.4 DPS has zero tolerance against bullying (physical or verbal). Strict action will be taken against anyone found bullying or indulging in any other kind of intimidation tactics, which may lead to expulsion from school.

1.5 Pupils should take pride in all the work they do and should always endeavour to meet deadlines. Inadequate progress of the students shall be discussed with parents from time to time. The School reserves the right to take necessary action against any delay in meeting deadlines and/or any other such negligence.

1.6 DPS attributes very high regard to school attendance. For our students to benefit most from school education, punctuality is indispensable. Absence from classes without due permission / notice to teacher is strictly prohibited. Class demonstrations, lectures, academic interaction among students cannot be reproduced in a later make-up session.

1.7 Students must show respect for School property. Damaging or defacing School property is strictly forbidden. This includes writing on walls, desks, and in bathrooms. Any damage caused to School property or misuse of the same will result in exemplary fines and appropriate disciplinary actions.

1.8 Pupils must not climb out of the School windows, for their own safety. The management of the school will not be responsible for any injury caused by this practice.

1.9 Students shall be provided with desks to lock their books and belongings. It is the responsibility of the student to keep the key in safe possession, failing which, the school reserves the right to impose a fine.

1.10 Students will be encouraged to volunteer for various events during the school year. DPS highly encourages its students to avail these opportunities for their intellectual, social and physical upbringing.

1.11 Students have been allotted school IDs which are used for biometric attendance. Parents must ensure cards are worn daily.

1.12 Littering inside and outside the School premises is strictly prohibited and offenders will be penalised.

1.13 Parent or legal guardian must submit an application to the Principal in any of the following circumstances:

1.13.1 The student’s absence from School. (See clause 17)

1.13.2 A request for relief from homework.

1.13.3 Failure to complete homework within the given deadline.

1.13.4 Non-participation in academic and/or co-curricular activities.

If no letter is received, the School Management will deem it as a lack of compliance and reserves the right to take appropriate

measures as per clause 17 hereinunder.

1.14 Punctuality plays a significant role in shaping the personality of students. Therefore, the management of School makes sure to monitor students’ arrival time and take action against habitual late arrival/irregular attendance of the students.

1.15 The School cares about the health of its students. Therefore, we recommend that a student suffering from any infectious disease must take rest at home and come back to school after complete recovery. In any such instance, parents and students are advised to notify the school management in writing to avoid any inconvenience.

1.16 If a student misses her lesson, for any reason, it is her responsibility to catch up with the missed work. She can and should take guidance/explanation from her teacher, if needed.

1.17 Any sort of misrepresentation, deceit, or falsification, committed by the student/parent/guardian with the purpose, intent, or expectation of influencing a grade or other academic evaluation, for e.g. intentional use of any unauthorized material, information or study aids during the examinations, forging a parents’ or teachers’ signature etc. shall be treated as a serious offense and will result in strict action against the student, as decided by the Management.

1.18 The Management reserves the right to take necessary action against anyone regarding any matter relating to the prestige of the School and / or its Management, such as defaming the School, Management, Faculty, Students or any related individual or entity through social or any other traditional media. Strict action will be taken against those involved in direct or indirect publication / posting or sharing libellous / slanderous content against the School.

1.19 In view of the prevalent law and order situation in our country, the School Management reserves the right to take any action and decision in the larger interest of the security and welfare of its students and the School.

Student Welfare

1.20 The School has dedicated doctors to maintain a medical record of all students. Students will be examined by the school doctors every term. The medical report is sent to the parents with the mid-term and final exam results. Parents are required to maintain these records and to inform the doctor if there is any medical complication that should be updated in the student’s medical file (e.g. allergies, etc).

1.21 For the wellbeing of the child, the School doctor may periodically recommend certain medical tests or procedures to be performed (such as testing of the eyesight, delousing, dental care or vaccinations). Parents are requested to fulfil such medical requirements or provide the School with a valid explanation in case they cannot comply.

1.22 The School helps children in understanding the values of hygiene and fitness, therefore regular health seminars and workshops at school are mandatory for students to attend. Failure to attend may result in deduction of marks.

1.23 DPS also makes continuous efforts to empower its students and prepare them to tackle any unforeseen event in life. In this regard, DPS, in collaboration with Aga Khan University Hospital and Indus Hospital, conducts First Aid and Life Support Courses, which are mandatory for O Level students.

1.24 DPS may periodically organise vaccination programs. Information of such vaccination will be sent to parents, who may opt for the inoculation of their daughters.

1.25 The school arranges remedial classes to assist underperforming students. These classes are arranged during / after school hours, if so required. Identified students are encouraged to attend these classes for their own benefit.

1.26 Students may be required to visit the school counsellor/psychologist (a professional counsellor/psychologist hired by the school) in order to discuss and work out their academic and/or behavioural problems and/or for general appraisals of the emotional wellbeing. Should there be any cause for concern, parents will be notified accordingly. Please understand that this is done considering the best interest of the child.


1.27 The name of a student will be struck off the roll if she is absent from School for ten or more days without notice. The School Management reserves the right to expel any student at any time for misconduct, indiscipline, low attendance or her involvement in any such activities as defined under ‘Long absence without notice’ (See Article 17) and major ‘Disciplinary Issues’ (See Article 2).

1.28 Students who are expelled from School for any reason will not be eligible for refund of security deposit.

Following are the expected consequences which the School Management reserves the right to take in the event of failure of the students to follow the prescribed Code of Conduct:

2.1 Deduction of marks.

2.2 Fine according to the damages caused or as prescribed. In serious cases, exemplary fines may also be imposed to discourage any disciplinary misconduct.

2.3 Warnings according to violation done.

2.4 Parents’ undertaking for not repeating the violation of rules.

2.5 Suspension from School. In serious cases, Expulsion from the roll.

3.1. Parents are strongly encouraged to support their daughter(s) in all educational endeavors by giving praise and showing interest in their School activities. They must assist in academic and co-curricular pursuits by ensuring that all materials (stationery, costumes, etc) are provided as required.

3.2. DPS welcomes parents who wish to volunteer in School activities. Certain parents will be selected by the Management to attend security and safety trainings, assist the School in field trips, regulating School traffic and speak at career counselling sessions, fund raising or charity events and / or miscellaneous activities. All those who wish to be involved may send their requests to [email protected]. Selection of the parents is, however, at the discretion of the Management. Those parents who are actively involved in supporting the school community will be prioritised for sibling selection during the admissions process.

3.3. Parents must demonstrate to students that they and the teachers work together for the benefit of students.

3.4. The School reserves the right to publish its students’ names, photos, video recordings and work on all DPS related marketing platforms including website, social/traditional media. These pictures are the exclusive property of the School and can be used for the purpose of promoting and illustrating School activities and / or students’ achievements.

3.5. This policy covers all pictures taken in school, on school trips or at school events, since the area is subject to sensitivity of the system:

  • Photographs of School events will only be taken by the School appointed photographer.
  • The School photographer will independently decide on the pictures he needs to take without the influence of teachers, parents or students.
  • Pictures taken during School events will be upload on the DPS website and social media handles.
  • Sharing and clicking of pictures/videos on School premises and subsequently sharing on social media platforms must be avoided by all staff members, parents and students.

3.6. Parents are expected to interact with the staff and faculty members politely and courteously. If there is a concern or issue which they feel strongly about, they can communicate with the Principal, for a follow up.

3.7. Parents are expected to preserve the integrity and security of the School. They are also required to respect staff members and must not commit or perform any act(s) that may jeopardise the safety and reputation of students and institution alike.

3.8. The School monitors social/ traditional media presence to ensure that the School and its students’ integrity is maintained. DPS reserves the right to block any person from its social/digital media platforms who is found to be insulting, unruly, disrespectful and/or threatening towards the School or anyone related to the School Management/Staff /Faculty/ Students.

Any person who is found to be involved in defaming/insulting the school or its staff, on any platform, will be considered as blacklisted. In case any parent or guardian is found to be complicit, the School reserves the right to suspend or expel their student. Expulsion in such a scenario will deprive them from refund of security deposit and may also affect the future admissions of siblings.

3.9. Any parent found to be attempting to bribe, manipulate and use unfair or illegal means for any purpose with any personnel of the School will face serious repercussions, which could include expulsion of their child, initiation of legal proceedings, or any such action that the School Management deems fit.

School-Parent Communications

3.9.1. Student’s school record, documents and/or any communication between the School and the parents are strictly confidential and must not be shared with others in any form whatsoever (including via social media / digital platforms).

3.9.2. Please use proper mode of communication with school i.e. email/written request to contact the school. Only proper requests / emails with name of the student and GR number will be entertained.

3.10. It is mandatory for parents to attend all Parent-Teacher Meetings and discuss the progress of their daughter with the teachers.

3.11. It is incumbent on parents to ensure that they provide updated information about the whereabouts of students and family (parents/guardians). This would consist of the current Mobile / telephone number, home address, work telephone number, up-to-date information on work address, email ID and emergency contact number/s. Parents must immediately notify the School of any changes in their contact information.

3.12. The School Management reserves the right to withhold certificates / report cards or any document etc. in case any incorrect / incomplete information is provided by the parent in the bio data form.

3.13. Parents are strongly advised to inform the School Management about incurrence of any event that might affect the performance of their children. This includes a recent medical condition which may hamper their studies, separation or divorce of the parents, death / severe illness of a family member, etc.

3.14. Parents are requested not to send money for any academic project / co-curricular activities without receiving intimation from School through official circular with Principal’s signature or SMS from DPS-Admin.

3.15. Parents may be contacted by concerned members of the School regarding their daughter’s behaviour or performance as and when the need arises. This may be in the form of letters, telephonic conversations and meetings. Most communication will be regarding updating activities, scheduled holidays etc. Behavioural issues such as the following may be discussed:

  • 3.15.1. Irregular/ late attendance without authentic justification in documented form through a letter or medical certificate.

  • 3.15.2. Habitual idleness and slacking-off despite letters of warning to parents to help their child improve.

  • 3.15.3. Repeated objectionable behaviour such as aggression, non-cooperation, impoliteness and other forms of anti-social behaviour.

  • 3.15.4. The use of unfair means in tests and exams.

  • 3.15.5. Non-compliance of the School’s dress-code, or modification of the dress-code without permission from the School, over a period of time.

  • 3.15.6. Possession of banned items (see Banned Items article 11).

  • 3.15.7. Any other issue that the Management may deem necessary.

3.16. The School will keep its parent and student body apprised of necessary information through

  • 3.16.1. Circulars and/or diary notes

  • 3.16.3. Posting information on the notice board at the gate

  • 3.16.4. In case of emergency or for unscheduled holidays, parents will be informed through the DPS official website / Facebook page or Class whatsApp groups.

  • 3.16.5. The Principal &/or school authorities will only discuss a students’ case with her parents/guardians. Parents/guardians are requested not to bring any relatives for meetings as they will not be entertained.

3.17. Parents will be asked to fill out a ‘Parent Feedback Form’ so that the Management may be fully aware of their thoughts on the academics of their daughter, and on the administration of the School. The School Management appreciates constructive criticismand words of encouragement by parents. The School Management will respond to feedback, wherever required.

3.18. Parents are requested to avoid contacting teachers on their personal numbers at anomalous timings. Kindly share your queries and concerns via teacher’s email ID.

4.1. For Playgroup to O’ Levels

4.1.1. The admission results shall be final and based upon merit.

4.1.2. Play Group to ‘O’ Level admissions will be processed according to the established procedure which includes submission of required documents, aptitude tests for certain subjects, if required, and parental interviews. The School maintains the right to accept or reject a candidate after due consideration to all aspects of the admission rules.

4.1.3. Parents, whose children are granted admission from July onwards for the current academic session which starts from August, shall be charged, term fee for July and months onwards along with the admission fee package.

4.1.4. In case a child does not join School or withdraws admission or is expelled from the School for any reason, the admission fee, security deposit and tuition fee shall not be refunded.

5.1. The new academic session begins immediately after the summer vacations.

5.2. School timings for Pre-Primary to O Level are as follows:


Days Timing Class
Monday to Thursday 9:00 am to 12:00 am Pre-Nursery (1st Shift)
Friday 9:00 am to 11:30 am Pre-Nursery (1st Shift)
Monday to Thursday 7:50 am to 12:30 pm

11:00 am to 3:30 pm

Nursery (1st Shift)

Nursery (2nd Shift)

Friday 7:50 am to 12:00 am

11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Nursery (1st Shift)

Nursery (2nd Shift)

Monday to Thursday 7:50 am to 12:30 pm

11:00 am to 3:30 pm

KG I and KG II (1st Shift)

KG I and KG II (2nd Shift)

Friday 7:50 am to 11:45 am

11:00 am to 3:00 pm

KG I and KG II (1st Shift)

KG I and KG II (2nd Shift)

Monday to Thursday 7:40 am to 1:00 pm I and II
Friday 7:50 am to 11:45 am
11:00 am to 3:00 pm
KG I and KG II (1st Shift)
KG I and KG II (2nd Shift)
Monday to Thursday 7:40 am to 1:00 pm I and II
Monday to Thursday 7:40 am to 2:20 pm III to XI
Friday 7:40 am to 12:20 pm I to XI

5.3. During Ramadan:

Monday to Thursday: 7:40 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Friday: 7:40 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

Any change in these timings will be notified to the parents via circulars on emails, Face book/and website notification.

5.4. Punctuality to School is essential. Students will be allowed to enter the School premises until 7:50 am only. Students arriving after 7:50 am will be subject to disciplinary action after two late arrivals and onwards. The gate shall finally close at 8:05 a.m. and the students reaching late should return home. Please note, it can affect students’ house marks as well.

5.5. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure timely pick-up of their children at the end of the school day.

5.6. In case of any sudden or late announcement of a holiday by the Government, the School will remain closed, but may function on any subsequent Saturday, if deemed necessary.

DPS will remain closed on public/scheduled/gazetted holidays as announced by the Government of Sindh. The School may close for unscheduled holidays/strike days if officially announced by the Government or decided by the School Management. The same shall be notified through official communication.

7.1. The Management does not take responsibility for any third party transportation service hired by parents. Parents must ensure that the van carrying their child only accommodates the children as per the seating capacity. Besides this, it must meet various regulatory requirements as spelled out from time to time by the civil administration and highway police.

7.2. It is the sole responsibility of the parents/guardians to ensure that the students attend School regularly and on time.

7.3. Parents are strongly encouraged to ensure that their children attend school whenever it is open on Saturday and/or at any other day/time for remedial classes, co-curricular events and activities. This is for their own growth and development.

8.1. Class Pre-Nursery
No uniform.

8.2. Class Nursery to KG II
Beige colour skirt with sky blue blouse, white socks, white PT shoes (for Pre-Primary section only)

8.3. Class I to Class II
Beige colour skirt with sky blue blouse, white socks, black shoes, (white tennis shoes for PE only)

8.4. Class III to Class XI
Sky blue shirt, beige colour trousers, blue dupatta, white socks and black shoes. Sky blue head scarves are optional.

8.5. PT uniform
T. Shirt (red, blue, green, yellow) according to House, black track pants, white PT shoes. School uniform scarves are optional.

8.6. Wearing proper school uniform is mandatory. If a student does not wear proper/full school uniform, she will be penalised and a fine will be charged.

8.7. Students are urged to tie their hair neatly and wear a clean and tidy uniform.

8.8. Make up, jewellery and nail varnish are strictly forbidden on a normal School day.

8.9 Students are instructed to display their School Identity Cards upon their person at all times within the School premises.

8.10. Students of class X and XI are allowed to wear high-heels or fancy shoes only on a function or a celebration day at School.

9.1 The DPS Uniform is available at Ghani Sons, Tariq Road.

9.2 To ensure uniformity and decorum, the School has made an arrangement of note-books to be sold inside its premises for convenience.

10.1. From Playgroup to O Level, monthly payment of the student’s fee must be cleared within the due date of the issuance of challan. Failure to do so will result in withdrawal of the student and her name will be struck off the roll.

10.2. From Playgroup to O Level, fee challan(s) for each month will be issued on the first working day of the month and the due date will generally be 10 working days after the issuance of the challan(s), or whatever date prescribed therein.

10.3. A student whose admission is cancelled because of outstanding dues will have to apply for re-admission into the School by clearing the outstanding dues and making payment for re-admission along with the remaining amount of current security deposit.

10.4. Parents who wish to withdraw their child from the School should inform the School Management before the start of upcoming session i.e. August since their seat is reserved for the whole academic year ahead i.e. August till July. In case of not informing the school in writing, or withdrawing from school in the midst of the academic session, parents will have to clear the fee for whole academic year i.e. August till July to get any kind of School certificate(s), report card and refund of security deposit.

10.5. Parents who wish to withdraw their child after the start of the academic session (i.e. during the academic session) will have to clear the fee for the whole academic year.

10.6. Parents of children who are granted long leave for any reason by the School Management must clear term fee for that specific long leave period, in order to secure and retain a seat for their child till they re-join.

10.7. Defaulters will not be permitted to sit for any examination and will not be issued report cards or the CAIE Statement of Entry or any certificates.

10.8. Security deposit will not be refunded to the defaulters. Claim for refund must be made within 3 years after leaving school, failing which, security deposit will not be reimbursed.

10.9. By signing the acknowledgement slip of this document, parents agree to the tuition fees stipulated by the Management as per the directions of the relevant government approving authorities and the school management.

Under no circumstances may the following be brought into the School, by any individual:

11.1. Weapons e.g. guns, knives, and dangerous sprays.

11.2. Racist or offensive or violent literature.

11.3. Pornographic materials or inappropriate reading material.

11.4. Lighters, matches, fireworks, pocket lasers.

11.5. Computer software, CD ROMs (except with permission from the ICT manager).

11.6. Radios, head phones, iPods, alcohol, illegal drugs.

11.7. Mobile phones (any mobile phones brought to School by students will be confiscated and will not be returned until end of the term).

12.1. The School does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of personal items brought to the School.

12.2. Bringing MP-3 players, CDs, cell phones, cameras or gadgets of any sort are forbidden unless permission is granted in writing by the Management.

12.3. Items found in the School will be sent to the ‘Lost and Found Section’, where the student may reclaim her property. Parents and students are advised to add name tags to their property so that it is easily identified/ recovered if lost.

12.4. Students will not be allowed to post their pictures on the Internet wearing their School uniforms without express permission from School. Any such picture found may result in disciplinary action.

13.1. Infirmaries with qualified doctors are available for students who are ill or injured. If the need arises, the School will provide basic medicines and dressings as first aid treatment for your child under the supervision of a qualified doctor.

13.2. If a student is placed in the infirmary, she is allowed to remain there for a maximum of 20 minutes. After that time, if she still feels unwell, parents will be contacted to pick her up to ensure maximum care.

13.3. If your child needs special care owing to some disability / allergies, the School should be informed beforehand to facilitate the child.

13.4.DPS also conducts health workshops which are purely for educational purpose. These workshops are carefully designed according to social requirements and needs of students. Students and parents are urged to comply with the safety rules in order to prevent accidents. Although the School Management takes reasonable precautions to avoid accidents, it shall be in no way responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur to an individual during/after the School hours inside/outside the School premises. Parents must understand that unforeseen injuries are part and parcel of sports activities amongst youngsters and while the school takes all reasonable measures to tackle such incidents at the infirmary, it shall not be held liable for any unforeseeable occurance.

14.1. All Co-curricular activities are essential for the mental and social development of students. Hence, they are considered mandatory and have a bearing on the final academic result. 10 marks in the final exam have been reserved which may be deducted for unnecessarily avoiding participation in co-curricular activities and/or in the case of misdemeanours as may be deemed fit by the faculty or Management.

14.2. Students with less than 90% attendance and inadequate or unsatisfactory letters of explanation from parents/guardians may not be permitted to sit for the final examinations.

14.3. The School aims to instil civil responsibility in its senior students and has a dedicated community service program which is mandatory for students of class X and XI. Students must complete the stipulated mandatory hours of community service / internship to be eligible for a certificate. Any student who fails to complete her community service internship is liable to have her marks deducted or certificates withheld or may not be allowed to sit for the assessments/examinations. Certificates for completed internships will be awarded by the concerned NGO. Students must present their certificates to the School, failing which they will be unable to receive their mark sheets and other relevant documents from the School.

14.4. Students must follow the curriculum set by the School and must purchase/procure books prescribed by the School. The School also uploads/updates course outlines on the website for the benefit of students.

14.5. The School faculty may revise the recommended books for any subject if it deems it necessary and in the best interest of pupils so that they find the subject and concepts engaging, interesting and challenging.

14.6. Remedial/extra classes may be held in certain subjects in order to make up for time lost due to unforeseen circumstances (such as unscheduled holidays) or if certain concepts require further clarification.

14.7. Holiday Homework will be given during the summer vacations. Students are expected to do their assignments well and to the best of their abilities. They must not plagiarise/ copy the content or material from other sources (the web or other books). Only original work will be marked. The School expects parents/guardians to support the school in this regard by ensuring the task is completed.

15.1. Field trips are part of the educational process and are supervised by the School faculty. The School will enable and encourage “out of the classroom” learning experiences as a way of engaging students in the learning process and delivering the curriculum in a more culturally relevant and holistic way.

15.2. The School decides the location for the field trip according to the usefulness of the venue, and then organises the transport. Circulars with details and a permission slip to be filled and signed by parents are sent out. Parents are responsible for the extra expenses of any trip, i.e. the transport, food/snacks of the student and the entry fee (if applicable). This amount is non-refundable.

15.3. The School and its staff strive for the safety of its students. However, the School is not responsible for any unforeseeable accident, injuries, damages or other losses to the person or property of participants during a School trip.

15.4. Ailing students should not be sent on field trips and parents are requested to email, call or otherwise directly inform the Principal and In-charges concerned of their inability to participate prior to the trip’s departure.

15.5. Other external trips may be conducted by the School for various purposes such as inter-School competitions and matches. In such cases, parents will be duly informed, through circulars of the requirements regarding support.

15.6. The school also encourages its students to participate in international competitions and excursion trips. Parents are requested to facilitate their child to pursue their goals.

Students on preparatory leave (X and XI) are allowed to visit the School for study purposes or for library use in proper School uniform with their school ID.

17.1 If a student is absent from School for more than 10 days without notifying the office, her name shall be struck off the roll and parents will be responsible for any problem arising as a result of their negligence. Parents must inform the School of the reason for the pupil’s absence via email and/or application. They are also responsible for ensuring that her homework task is collected from the School or that she has been exempted from receiving any homework. On her return, she must furnish an application to the School from her parents explaining the reasons for her absence.

17.2. All students have to return after vacations on-time. Absence due to sickness for more than three days must be supported by a medical certificate.

17.3.After-Exams, an Activity Week is arranged each term for the development of students’ potential. It is mandatory to attend School until the last day of each term.

17.4. Students will not be allowed to avail two long leave break during one academic session. One long leave per year will be approved either for Hajj / Umrah, or other legitimate reasons.

18.1. If parents wish to change or alter the name or any other details of their child, they must submit a written application to the Administration Office. They will be required to fill a form by the Education Department, Government of Sindh and follow the procedures stipulated by them.

18.2. It is reiterated that the School Administration Office must be immediately intimated regarding any change in the students’ contact details.

19.1 Students are not allowed to skip their library unit or leave the library without the teacher’s/librarian’s permission.

19.2 Students must not bring any valuable item, bags, water-bottle, lunch-box, stationery pouch to the library. Library staff will not be responsible for any loss of personal belongings left unattended by the user.

19.3 Use of mobile phone, camera, food & drinks, eating, sleeping, private conversation/group discussions, unnecessary movements, swinging/stretching on the chair/table, etc. are not allowed in library.

19.4 Books will be issued for 7 days. The next book shall be issued only when the previous one is returned within the due date. Fine policy applies on not returning books by the due date.

19.5 Rs. 25 /day /book will be charged on late return of the book. The long-outstanding-user will not be issued any further books, unless the borrowed book is returned with the incurred fine.

19.6 Lost library material/book will be charged either by replacement of a new book/material, or paying the replacement value. The borrower/user will be held responsible for any damage or writing on the book.

19.7 Any damage to library property due to misuse will be recouped from the individual as per actual current price of the item.

19.8 Students are requested to cooperate in maintaining discipline in the library premises, and take good care of library furnishings and equipment.

20.1. Students and their parents/guardians are informed that tests and mid-year exams marks shall be included in the final exam, in the aggregate form. Students are expected to be consistent and conscientious with regards to their studies.

20.2 All examination results are final. Parents and students have the right to see their mid-year examination papers and monthly test papers, after the announcement of result. Examined papers will be re-evaluated by the DPS staff after formal request from parents and students. After re-evaluation, results in the progress report cannot be challenged and must be accepted by parents/students. Defaulters in fee will not be granted this privilege nor will any result card be released unless dues are cleared.

20.3. During exams, students should carry stationery and geometrical instruments in transparent pouches.

20.4. If a student is caught cheating during the examination or is found having any unauthorized material such as geometry box, mobile phone, smart watch, technology with communication, digital storage, unauthorized notes or revision material, her paper will be cancelled and marked zero.

20.5. Students with attendance below 90% will not be allowed to appear in the mid, final, Mock or CAIE examination.

20.6 All examination results are final.

21.1. Any student, who is found tampering with marks in the report card and other School certificates, will be dismissed/ expelled from the School without any notice.

21.2. Report cards are confidential and must not be shared with other students or their parents other than the class teacher and/or administration. Appointments for parents can be arranged during the School year for any specific discussion, if required.

22.1 Visiting Hours for walk-in parents is from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday. On Thursday with prior appointment only to be a day ahead via email. Complaints and concerns regarding a student’s progress and behaviour must be made in writing directly to the Section Head / Principal and not to the Class Teacher.

22.2 Parents or visitors are not allowed to see their children or their Class Teacher while the class is in progress. A prior appointment must be taken for a meeting with the Subject /Class Teacher or the Section Head.

22.3 Students are not allowed to bring any ex-student or relative to any School activities or functions without prior approval of the School Management.

23.1. The School actively encourages healthy eating habits. Parents are requested to send healthy food items in their child’s lunch box to discourage unhealthy snacks. The School canteen will not sell any unhealthy snack or soft drinks.

23.2. Parents must inform the School Management beforehand regarding any food allergy of their child.

Children’s birthdays are recognized by their class teacher during circle/break time. Celebrations are kept simple for the benefit of all

students, parents and teachers.

Kindly adhere to the following guidelines for a birthday celebration at school:

  • Only one item can be sent from home – sweet or savoury.
  • The cake should be simple with no adornments (preferably home-baked) accompanied by paper plates, napkins and cutlery.
  • Students of Pre-Primary – Class II are allowed to attend school in a dress of their choice on the day of their birthday. Class III onwards will wear their normal school uniform.
  • Parents can leave eatables with the respective Section Heads either in the morning or during break time. Eatables will be shared with students in the presence of the class teacher (parents should refrain from visiting classes during the celebration time).
  • Candles, party poppers/ confetti, balloons, goodie bags, carbonated drinks, juices and snow sprays are strictly not permitted.
  • Policy related to photography must be followed for birthday celebrations.
  • We follow a ‘no-nut’ policy due to allergy concerns.

Alternate ways for celebrating birthdays are listed below:

  • Donate a book to the school library on behalf of your child.
  • Donate a plant or a bird feeder for the School garden.

The safety & security of our School is of paramount importance. Any person deemed to be in any way endangering the security of the School by his / her behaviour will immediately be reported to the police.

24.1. For the safety of children, DPS has established a “No Card, No Entry Policy”. No outsiders, parents or guardians, will be allowed to enter the gates of the School to pick up the children. Only parents of the Pre-Primary Section will be allowed to enter upon presenting the Parent Authorisation Card (PAC) at Gate A. No student from the Pre-Primary section will be handed over to anyone without the Parent Authorisation Card. Parents or people picking up children from the higher classes will be asked to wait outside the gate for the child.

24.2. For safety / convenience of the children, a crossing point on the road is being manned by security staff. Parents are urged to direct their children to cross the road from the same.

24.3. Please note, that once the students are in the School it will be a closed campus till home time. No parent or guardian will be allowed to enter during School timings without the expressed permission of the Management.

24.4. Picking up children from School: Students are not allowed to leave the School early. However, prior permission should be taken in extremely unavoidable circumstances. The child must bring an application in the morning for the issuance of a Gate Pass. School will not be responsible for any student once she leaves the School premises.

24.5. Commute of students from home to school and back shall be the sole responsibility of parents/guardians and the school shall not be held responsible for any mishap / breakdown of the transportation whatsoever. The vans contracted by the parents/guardians for bringing the children to school shall be hired by the parents/guardians at their own risk. For safety and security, parents/guardians should ensure that vans available with the contractor/driver are in absolute order and adhere to all safety measures. Parents / guardians must also ensure that the transport engaged by them must carry only those.

24.6. Forgotten items such as lunch boxes etc. will only be accepted at the security reception if the person delivering it has the Parent Authorisation Card (PAC).

24.7. Parents are requested to follow the direction of the security staff and advise their drivers accordingly and ensure that there is no OVER-SPEEDING or BLOCKING in-front of the ENTRANCE or EXIT gates of the School.

24.8. All visitors will be subject to detectors and are requested to show their original CNIC and provide contact details before they are allowed entry into school premises. All those who wish to visit the School must make prior appointments with the person concerned. The School reserves the right to carry out security checks on any person who comes into the School, for the safety reasons.

24.9. Parents are asked to be vigilant at all times and are requested to intimate any suspicious activity immediately to the Management on School landlines 021-38403588-93 or Mr. Arshad Boolani @ 0301-1143902, Mr. Rahat @ 0346-2698458 Ext:832.

Note: DPS reserves the right to alter or update its Rules and Regulations from time to time. The enrolment of students and the initial acknowledgement of the Rules and Regulations by parents will be taken as acceptance of the School Policy / Rules and Regulations and any amendments.