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Dawood Publc School (DPS) strongly believes that schools have an important role to play in developing good citizens. Additionally it believes that schools are responsible for the holistic development of young students enrolled and not just to prepare them for examinations and tertiary education. Taking this into consideration, DPS provides its students with a co-and extra-curricular programme aimed at providing students with the potential for self-discovery and development through active participation in areas of their interest.

To instill in young students good work ethics and habits. Through the clubs and various community service activities, DPS aims to teach students to take on leadership roles, team working, work discipline and ethics, responsibility and accountability. The extra-curricular activities of community service are aimed at teaching the students the value of contributing to society through the concept of giving their time and knowledge.
The objective of the school is to teach students how to balance between their academic and extra-curricular activities, ensuring that both are done par excellence enabling them to meet the same objective in later life where they have to balance between family and professional life.
The skills students will acquire is: Accountability, Initiative, Responsibility, Ownership, Teamwork and Leadership

Participation in one club/society and doing one community service is mandatory for all students. Taking part in Sports is also essential and all students will be encouraged to participate in at least one type of physical activity ensuring at least 4 hours a week of physical activity. The choice between indoor sports and outdoor is the students’. Chess and scrabble are considered as mental sports and are in addition to the other sports

Co- and Extra- Curricular Activities have been organized and divided as follows:

The Entrepreneur / Event Management Club
The Entrepreneur/Event Management Club while open to all, will however, cater to the Commerce Students. This Club will undertake activities which will generate funds / revenue for donations to pre-determined community services activities agreed with the Administration. The Club will maintain proper accounts for and submit the same to the Administration after each event. This Club will also assist the Student Council in organizing Student functions eg. A1 Welcome, Debating Events etc. For organizing these school-based activities, the Club can liaison with other Clubs and Societies thus pooling in strengths from the entire student body.

The Literary Society
The Literary Society will be responsible for the compiling and publishing of the Annual School Magazine taking articles, features and reporting important school and sporting events throughout the year. For this it will also liaison with all other Clubs / Societies and Sports Captains.

The Literary Club will also take out a newsletter, twice in a term depicting “Life at DPS”. This will be a two pager magazine informing the student body of the latest happenings at DPS. Again it will require coordination with all Clubs/Societies and Sports Captains.

The Science & Maths Club
The Science & Maths Club will organize activities including Science Fairs, Maths quizes etc. It will also contribute to the School Magazine / Journal by writing informative articles. Thus the science club can also take out a newsletter and this can be one per term or month as decided by the club members. The Science Club will also liaison with the Administration in organizing Summer / Winter Internships in various hospitals.

The Performing Arts Society
The Performining Arts Society will provide a platform for those with creative talents. The Society will put up two shows in a year (one in each term) and take part in School Competitions. The Society can take help of the Entrepreneurial / Event Management Club in organizing its shows.

Career Counseling
This society will organize career counseling sessions by guest speakers from top universities for the students. These sessions will enable the students to explore their potential and be aware of various career options open to them.

Physical activity is a must to deal with the stress of everyday life and to ensure a balanced healthy life. The various sports mentioned above will be offered to the students and matches will be organized both within the school and with other schools. Aerobics will be available to all students to ensure physical fitness and a healthy life style both while at school and beyond.

The Indoor Games Club will organize competitions within the school and outside in chess, scrabble and other indoor games. DPShopes that this mental stimulus will be kept up by its’ students long after they graduate contributing to good mental health

Community Service
Community service project is compulsory for every student. Students will choose their own project and complete the specified number of hours. They can work independently or in collaboration with any organization or NGOs.

DPS strives to give its students practical work experience through its Summer and Winter Internship Programmes. Through these programmes students learn about the practical work as well as gain an understanding of the various career options. This also helps students in making their career decisions and selection of programmes for the teriary education. Summer and Winter Internships are offered at SIUT, TCF, NICH as well as various commercial organizations.

The Teaching Assistant Programme (TAP)
DPS discourages a tuition culture and hence recruits teachers dedicated to ensure sound academic progress of its students. Students are also required to take responsibility of the learning process. DPS has therefore also instituted a formal Teaching Assistant Programme, TAP.
Students for TAP will be selected from student body to provide learning support to their peers. The peer-to-peer tutoring program bridges many gaps in students’ knowledge. Research shows that the Peer Coaching helps both the mentor and the mentee. While teaching subject content matter to the mentees, the concepts of the mentor are also strengthened and revised while peer coaching provides a greater degree of comfort to mentees, who find it easier to relate to their peers thus aiding the learning process. TAP will be encouraged whereby strong students can help their peers in overcoming challenges and difficulties in content matter. This coaching might be within class or it could be the A2s coaching the A1s.

At DPS Peer Coaching will be organized in coordination with Administration and Subject Teacher. Selection of TAs by subject teachers will be based on their strong aptitude for that subject as well as ensuring that they possess the necessary skills to help their peers understand the subject matter. Progress of the mentee will be evaluated through an on-going assessment by the subject teachers. Successfully completed peer coaching assignments will be awarded Achievement Certificates. The peer-to-peer tutoring program bridges any gaps in students’ knowledge.