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Founded in 1983, by Mr. Ahmed Dawood, in his mission to propagate education in Pakistan, Dawood Public School (DPS) is a trust owned institution that offers education to over 2500 girls today. Dawood Public School is affiliated with Cambridge University and offers a highly developed and holistic educational programme, which accommodates young girls from 2 years to 19 years. With a steady growth in student population and academic avenues, it is divided in the following sections:

A Level

For holistic development and nurture of the students, the campus houses two School Doctors, a Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO) and a team of School Counselors available for remedial requirements

Students qualify to participate in a variety of development ventures:

1. Intra & Inter-School Competition in the Discipline of Bi-Lingual Public Speaking
2. Intra & Inter School Competitions for Bi-Lingual Recitals
3. In-School Drama and Theatre at each Section
4. Intra School and National Level Competitions for Vocal Music
5. Inter-School and National Level Competitions in the Disciplines of Math, Science and Art
6. Inter-School Competitions for STEAM and Robotics
7. Intra and Inter-School, National and International Competitions for Sports
8. Participation in educational Field Trips
9. Participation in Exclusive Enrichment Programs

Students are also offered a variety of character development endeavours

Attendance at regular Compassion Classes by SEN Team
Collaboration with special and underprivileged children as invitees at School events
Participation in Fund Raising Campaigns
Participation in Environmental Awareness Campaigns