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The transition from Pre-primary to Primary is a huge leap. In the Pre-primary the little toddlers get individual care and attention while in the primary the little girls encounter a competitive environment. DPS ensures that this transitional stage of schooling is enjoyable at the same time meaningful. To ease and acclimatize the little students, teachers take special care while planning the curriculum. At Primary Section, importance is given to students’ over all grooming. Students here are taught to think critically, to strive to attain high standards, to meet the challenges posed by technological advancements and to develop basic values. It is here children learn to socialize outside family relationships. DPS provides a welcoming, nurturing, challenging and a safe learning environment in which all children from I class to V are actively engaged. To make education dynamic, purposeful and socially relevant we have designed an academically rigorous curriculum, while being mindful of the age appropriate skill levels of our learners and have created a school climate where academic achievement is our primary goal. We strive to help students achieve basic literacy and numeracy skills as well as establish foundations in Science, Mathematics, Geography, History, Urdu, English, Computer, Islamiyat and other social sciences. At school students also learn good study habits including: managing their time, planning for short and long assignments, reviewing material for tests.

To nurture activity-based learning and to make them aware of the importance of nutrition, growing vegetables, choosing and cooking healthy food, an exciting curriculum is designed by many people, including educators and horticulturists. Such activity-based learning allows for concepts in different subjects to come alive in the class room by incorporating it with other subjects. This increases students’ understanding, observation and appreciation of nature which makes them thoughtful, gentle and compassionate. In order to achieve these goals, we provide an orderly and safe environment, where supervised learning takes place. Focusing on the importance of co curricular activities, the school arranges field trips, in-house movie screening, skits, quiz competitions, sports day , carnivals etc and encourages participation at inter school level. At DPS Primary Section children at an early age are taught charity and generosity by encouraging them to donate and raise funds for the needy. Our students are enrolled in WWF Green School Program, Helen O Grady language classes, Etiquette classes and they enthusiastically participate in these activities.

DPS envisions parents as partners in the education process and elicit parental co-operation whenever needed.

Our mission is to make our Primary Section a great learning place for all students and to ensure every child’s success.

The schedule for walk in meeting with the Primary Section Head to discuss concern/s if any:

Wednesday between 8:30 am – 10:00 am

For scheduled meeting, you will be facilitated at the gate upon showing a copy of the appointment slip.

Contact Details:

Nida-e-Zehra (Section Incharge)

Ext. No. 882

Email: [email protected]