Social Media and Depression

Ref. No:STD/AW/18/86

Classes V to XI


Dear Parents,

The inclusion of social media in our lives has increased connectivity with friends and family around the world. Children are always a step ahead and it is important to recognize the daily challenges they face in their exposure to this virtual world.

Today social media has an indelible role on the lives of most children.  Despite the undeniable benefits of improved information options and access to vast academic resources, our children are inadvertently faced with pressures of public opinion and social culture as they navigate the web every day.  Social cultures are lifestyle choices which may not represent our family values but lead to the pull of peer pressure for popularity and social acceptance.  Children, who feel sidelined by their friends, often face depression and a lack of confidence – conditions which affect their healthy development and learning.

At Dawood Public School, we are committed to holistic grooming and focus on academic achievement in harmony with emotional stability and mental maturity.  We are aware of the influences that social media causes and request all parents to limit the use of screen time to supervised and minimal requirements.

Furthermore, if you notice any cause for concern when you speak with your children, kindly share it with us. With the strong home-school partnership we are forever striving to foster, we believe we can protect our children during their sensitive journey of growth and development in the best possible way.

Looking forward as always, for your cooperation and support.



School Management