Update on Cambridge O Level

Dear Parents,


Reference to the latest CAIE statement dated April 2, 2021 to conduct examinations from May 10, 2021. As a result, some of the paper components have been cancelled and some exams have been moved forward.

Paper components of Biology (5090/62 – Alternative to Practical), Chemistry (5070/22 – Theory) and History (2147/12) have been cancelled by the Cambridge, therefore re-mock (April 19 – onwards) of the said components will not be held. Students will be given practice in the re-mocks only for the components that they will be appearing for in their upcoming CAIE. Subjects that remain unaffected will be tested in the re-mocks in totality i.e., all components.

Please note a change of dates for the following subjects:

Syllabus Name Syllabus Code Date of New Exam
First Language Urdu (Grade X) 3247/01 Saturday 15 May
Second Language Urdu (Grade X) 3248/01 Saturday 15 May
Islamiyat (Grade X) 2058/12 Saturday 15 May
Pakistan Studies (Grade X) 2059/01 Tuesday 18 May
English Language (Grade XI) 1123/12 Wednesday 19 May
Pakistan Studies (Grade X) 2059/02 Thursday 20 May
English Language (Grade XI) 1123/22 Tuesday 25 May

Students will be able to review their Mock Exam papers from Wednesday, 7th April. This will help students gauge understanding of their weak areas and be able to work on bridging their learning gaps. Attendance of all students is therefore mandatory.

Please note that for all other subjects, students will appear for all components as per the attached date sheet.

As always, we aim to help and support our students with the best of our planning in accordance with guidelines issued by Cambridge.

Best wishes.

Mahvash Roshani

CAIE Timetable