Narmeen Amir Ali

Ms. Narmeen Amir Ali
Academic Coordinator

Bachelors in Arts
Diploma in Nursing
Agha Khan Hospital

Ms. Narmeen Amir Ali has been working as the DPS A Level Academic Coordinator since 2017. She plays a key role in translating the DPS vision of creative learning into practical implementation, ensuring that students use their time effectively. Ms. Narmeen devises personalized plans for every student, supervising their study hours, keeping a track of progress and the submission of their assignments. She is the driving force of the challenging A Level academic requirements.

Ms. Narmeen Amir Ali has a valuable and extensive work experience, both national and international, and harbors strong multi-tasking skills. Over the years, she has evolved with the growing DPS A Level Program, and understands the natural fluency in the environment. With her extraordinarily strong emotional intelligence, she effectively communicates with both internal and external stakeholders and cements the vibrant dynamics that are synonymous to DPS A Level.

Spearheading all collaborative networking with students, parents and teachers, Ms. Narmeen crafts a successful annual schedule of student-faculty interaction and enables a program calendar that ensures completion of all prerequisites leading up to the CAIE examinations at year end.