INSET-2019 Pre-Primary – Grade I

DPS strives to continually focus on teacher training and offers professional development opportunities at external forums as well as through internally developed skill specific endeavours.

The traditional Summer Training prior to start of Academic Session 2019-20, was carried out at multiple levels across the School.  INSET Framework titled “Lesson Plan and Planner Writing Skills”, was organized as a 6-hour interactive session for Early Years Teachers on 29th and 31st July 2019.

Core objectives were to:

  • Research Early Years’ approaches
  • Re-conceptualize teacher’s role as Early Years’ teachers
  • Plan lessons by following advance approaches using Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles.

The Course was led by DPS School Facilitators Ms. Saima Kanwal and Ms Najma Farooqi with their team members Ms. Saima Nourain, Ms. Anum Amna, Ms. Tayyaba Arshad and Ms. Saima Arsalan.

The fundamental Mentors for the facilitation process of these trainings, Pre-Primary In-Charge Ms. Nusrat Hilal along with seasoned Trainer and Saturday School Head Mistress, Ms. Rehana Mohsin Dharsi assisted time to time and contributed by ensuring the accomplishment of workshop objectives.

The sessions aimed to develop teachers’ skills, knowledge and attitudes to enhance lesson planning by using smart objectives and planner writing skills using new strategies based on the Early Years of Curriculum.

The role of Early Years Teachers was elaborated through Role Play. Facilitators for this segment, Ms. Saima Arsalan and Ms. Saima Nourain successfully engaged all the participants in a playgroup activity named YET (Early Years Teachers), focused at developing unique ideas and strategies that could be used in various classroom scenarios.

The theory of Howard Gardener on Multiple Bits of Intelligence was presented by Ms. Najma Farooqi and the participants actively played their part in the activity of “Pizza Train” related to multiple intelligences followed by the discussion on how important is it to know children’s multiple intelligences to groom their overall personality.

Ms. Tayyaba Arshad presented a variety of learning styles, introducing Mnemonics and ending her engaging session with a video presentation. The Lesson Plan format, included in her presentation, emphasized how the lesson plan is to be followed.

Ms. Anum Amna joined the session talking about Brain-Based Learning. She discussed the Functions of Left and Right Brain followed by active participation of the members in a related activity.

The INSET program at the Pre Primary Section and for Grade I teachers was a befitting prelude to another exciting session at School.