Teachers Professional Development Programs

“The great teachers believe in the growth of the intellect and talent, and they are fascinated with the process of learning”

– Carol S. Dweck

At Dawood Public School, professional training and development programs are an integral part of teacher development and continuous learning. The Management firmly believes that students’ achievement is only possible if the teachers are updated and equipped with a modern approach to education. These development workshops play a significant role in preparing our teaching faculty towards their career progression and professional development.

Our in-house, external Professional Training Sessions cater to productive themes that our teachers are urged to apply in order to understand and address students’ learning challenges.  INSET (In-house Service Training) conducted at DPS every year at the beginning of the session, includes the most innovative workshops for our teachers.  These sessions apprise faculty regarding latest educational strategies and challenges.  Moreover, Executive Education programs at Karachi School for Business and Leadership, a sister concern of DPS, provide opportunity for the DPS leadership to gain the qualifications necessary for career progression.  Dawood Public School also offers external training programs conducted by Cambridge Assessment Iinternation Examination, Oxford University Press, British Council and AKU IED.