Staff’s Training for School Reopening

Training of School Faculty and Staff for Reopening

Dawood Public School is preparing to welcome its students on campus on September 15, 2020, following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) provided by the government. We recognize that readiness of all stakeholders is of paramount importance which is why careful review and application of SOPs to Dawood Public School’s context was carried out by the leadership team involving the Principal, Section Heads, Training Managers, Administration Manager, and the Founders. Dawood Public School’s action plan is shared with parents detailing how SOPs will impact parents and students.

Training programs were organized for security guards and janitorial staff on September 8, 2020, followed by teaching faculty in which health protocols and communication and reporting of symptoms were reinforced. Personnel involved in the Crisis Management Team were introduced, and in cases of illness, the processes which need to be followed were explained thoroughly.

Responsibilities of security guards such as managing traffic flow; managing student movements on and off campus; scanning faculty, staff, and students through temperature control, were discussed at large. Security guards followed up with the trainers to ask questions.

Janitorial staff was also taken through the health protocols and the following were explained thoroughly: the difference between cleaning and disinfecting, commonly contaminated surfaces, products as per SOPs (detergents, disinfectants, and sanitizers), and the risks associated with crowding in different spaces.It was decided that students would be limited to a maximum of 7–8 in corridors and only 2 in toilets. Classroom setup with 3 feet distances, movements in and out of classrooms, and cleaning during the school hours was stressed upon.

Training for teachers was conducted on September 9, 2020. All health protocols such as wearing of masks, checking of temperature, and social distancing were explained. New timetables (with phased school opening) were handed out and explained. A hybrid learning model was discussed which includes in-person teaching, digital lesson plans on Google Classroom, and lessons on Meet. Additional responsibilities such as entry and exit of students during morning and dismissal were also discussed.

Embracing the “new normal” is full of challenges and trepidations. Preparedness and awareness, therefore, need to be well-exercised. These trainings should bring forth a shared responsibility among all participants. Our interactive training sessions, also seen in the photographs, used “parking lot” that documented the voice of attendees.