School Reopening – Phase 2

30th September, 2020


Dawood Public School

Grades VIII and IX


Ref No: STD/AC/20/28

Subject: School Reopening – Phase 2


Dear Parents,

We are happy to announce our readiness to launch Phase 2 from Monday 5th October. Phase 2 of school reopening will welcome back students of Grades VIII and IX.  The table below shows our progress and way forward since the start of the session.  We are constantly monitoring the situation in the city and thank all parents for their cooperation and support.

Phase 1 Grades X, XI and A Levels Tuesday 15th September Successfully ongoing
Phase 2 Grades VIII and IX Monday 5th October Ready to welcome
Phase 3 Grades IV, V, VI and VII Monday 12th October Proposed date
Phase 4 Grades III and below To be decided

Following our successful plan for the senior students, students at Grades VIII and IX have also been divided into two groups to lessen the class size so that we can ensure SOPs for the safety and wellbeing of all.  Grouping has been done after consideration of siblings already phased in.  We request that the groups be followed as per allotment.  Please click on the links for Grade VIII and Grade IX to learn about the group of your daughter.  The same will also be shared via All Section WhatsApp Group for further facilitation.


Monday and Wednesday – Group A will attend physical school

Tuesday and Thursday – Group B will attend physical school

Friday – All students to attend live on-line lessons from home – there is no physical school.


On the days when a group is not attending physical school, the timetable must still be followed, and students must mark themselves present via Google Classroom.  A recorded lesson will guide students to progress in their lesson for each subject.  The students will attend physical school on the following day to take a recap of the lesson and move forward.

It is essential that parents supervise the days spent at home and ensure that assigned work is duly completed and uploaded as per teacher’s instruction.  This will help academic progression and ready the students for their physical day.

Attached to this email is an undertaking for attending school.  This must be filled and submitted to the class teacher before Friday 2nd October.


Parents are also requested to review the attached SOP document which highlights the procedures and precautions being taken by the school as per government directives.

Further to the document, we invite you to join us for an on-line session where we will discuss the reopening plans, our readiness and address any remaining concerns you may have. The link for Meet will be shared by respective Class Teachers via the All Section Class Groups as well the Class Groups on Friday 2nd October. Please note the schedule for our interactive meetings below.

Saturday 3rd October
Group Timing
Grade IX – all sections 5.00 pm
Grades VIII – all sections 6.00 pm

We look forward to a continued success as we launch Phase 2 request your cooperation as always.


Stay Safe!



Mahvash Roshani