Regrouping of classes

30th September 2020


Dawood Public School

Grade X-XI


Ref No:STD/AC/20/29

Subject: Regrouping of classes


Dear Parents,

It has been two weeks since we reopened schools for students of Grades X, XI and A Levels. We are proud to report that the return of our students has been successful and we are grateful for the lively and enriched learning environment within the school campus.

We appreciate our parents for showing acceptance towards the policies we have been developing intermittently in the light of the government directives. We would like to extend our gratitude to each one of you for your phenomenal support in the smooth execution of the ‘new normal’.

With this experience of two weeks. We have regrouped the classes to ensure an equal distribution of students in each class.

The updated lists are available here. These will be operational from Thursday 1st October. Please review the changes and ensure that students are following the Groups allotted to them.

We look forward to your usual cooperation in this regard.



Mahvash Roshani