Online Club & Society Selection Procedure

Dated: 26th August, 2020

Dawood Public School

Grades VI-XI

Ref No: STD/AC/20/004

Subject: Online Club & Society Selection


Dear Parents,

We are proud to launch the DPS venture of ‘Clubs and Societies’ with a virtual vibrancy for session 2020-21.  Over the years our student-led program has grown to provide leadership skills to senior students and offer hobby pursuance opportunities to juniors.  Our aim at the Secondary Section has always been to encourage students to discover and hone their personal potentials.  Upholding traditions of progressive development, we are proud to continue a paper-free CNS selection process and thank you for your appreciation of the smooth process last year.

The senior-most students of Grade XI have already been allotted positions for their Club/Society as they head each group.  However, students from Grades VI to X are required to submit their Clubs and Societies selection as per the instructions below.  We request parents to kindly ensure that the selection form is submitted within the stipulated time.

  • The individual Student ID and password allotted to each student from Grades VI to X will be used to access the selection form.
  • Students must read the Rules and Regulations very carefully before selecting the Club or Society they wish to be a part of for the session 2020-21.
  • The Online Clubs and Societies form will be accessible to the students from 1:40 pm on 26th Wednesday and shut down at 6:00 pm on 27th Thursday 2020. The online selection window will open at 1:40 pm and shut down at 06:00 pm.

Procedure to access the online selection form:

  • To access the Online Clubs and Societies form, Students will be provided a link in their class WhatsApp Groups at 1:40 pm on Wednesday, 26th
  • Students can access the page directly by clicking the link.
  • Students will type in their GR Number and click on search. Their name, class and section will appear and they can move on to selecting their preferred Club/Society
  • Students must select ONLY ONE Club/Society as per choice and interest.
  • Parents are advised to sit with their children and advise them on which Club/Society to select based on their interest/aptitude

Kindly note that each club is restricted to a limited number of members and so, the selections will be on a first come, first served basis. Once registrations reach the limit, selection windows will automatically close.

We look forward to parent involvement and collaboration for running another efficient and smooth year of student development activities.  For this, we request parents to guide their daughters for a wise selection. To help us teach the value of decision making and to develop appreciation for trying out new ventures, kindly encourage your daughters to have faith in our transparent selection system.

We look forward to your cooperation as always.



Mahvash Roshani