Independence Day Celebration 2018-19

Immersed in patriotic fervou all the sections joined together to celebrate the 71 Independence Day of Pakistan. The ceremony commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran. The flag hoisting was gripping… students chanted the Anthem with their right hand on their chest and the small national flag in their left hand.

The National and School flag were raised to full mast invoking patriotic feelings in all.

Students beamed with patriotism and national pride as they showcased their love for the country through brief but meaningful speeches, short skits and national songs. The Speeches rekindled the love for Pakistan and revisited the core values on which the foundation of the great nation was laid. The backup vocals of ‘Milli naghmay’ sung by DPS choir, enthused and renewed hope, promises and high aspirations. The melodious national songs medley and the evergreen and favourite “Hum Dekhenga” were moving and roused the feeling of devotion.

Focusing on the importance of having knowledge of the country, A level students conducted “Independence Day Quiz” Sections based on the History and Geography of Pakistan for Primary and Secondary The Principal advised the students to continuously strive to uphold Pakistan’s unity, integrity, honour and the country’s hard-earned freedom.