Career Insight and Inspiration Program

The established career development efforts at DPS further developed on Tuesday, 30th August 2016.  A Career Insight and Inspiration Program was incorporated in the Annual Activity Calendar for a first time that brought together the O and A levels.
Students of Classes XI, AS and A2 gathered in the A Level Seminar Room for an introductory session of this new venture.  The Principal, O Levels, spelled out the concept and strategy for the now frequent and well defined monthly Insight and Inspiration Program.

The Principal A Levels, spoke about the importance of choosing sensible subject groups at the senior level. Activity Coordinators for the O and A Levels respectively, highlighted the importance of developing soft skills for personality development; an integral part of personality grooming.

Head of Research and Institutional Development, advised all students: “allow yourself to explore yourselves; discover the latent talents that you believe in and keep your dreams alive.  The years that XI, AS and A2 study in, are crucial for self discovery and achievement of true potential”.

Career Insight and Inspiration aims to provide access and exposure to the real time career environment which DPS students strive to attain.

With a multitude of professions available today, DPS is providing a platform of facilitation to bridge the gap between textbook knowledge and its practical application in a professional environment.