STEM – Keeping Ahead of Time

Innovative education has become the hallmark of DPS, as students experience the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for a strong foundation of research-based education.  Students engage in interactive modules on diverse topics.  From ‘energy and environment’ to ‘applied mathematics’, students are intrigued by the wonders of scientific foundation which in intertwined in the lives we lead.

Keeping in line with the vision of The Dawood Foundation, a STEM Laboratory has been introduced for the Secondary Section for session 2018-19 to spread fascination for the endless world of Science.  Students interact with STEM developers at the well stocked laboratory, to discover how real-time technology and engineering lies at the root of every invention.

At DPS, we are striving to compel our students to ‘think and explore’ in a learning environment which is unconventional and fun.  Regular classroom instruction has been replaced with hands-on activities which offer ‘curiosity triggers’ as learning outcomes.  So students complete each session with a set of questions rather than answers.  The daily modules focus on a wide spectrum of integrated academics and are laying a strong foundation of analytics and problem solving for the future.