Career Insight and Inspiration Program

At the second anniversary of the Career Insight and Inspiration Program, students of the O and A levels were intrigued by the thrilling digital media world tht offers media planning as a choice of profession for their potential futures.

Ms Alina Khan, Category Head, Digital, representing the Media House ‘Group M’ spoke about the multiple aspects of digital advertisements and the nuances associated with excelling in the variety of aspects of this up and coming popular profession of ‘Digital Media Planning’.

Ms Alina showed the mediums which digital media planners use to showcase advertisements created by the graphic designers and explained how algorithms are used to gather and analyse date for gauging the best viewership of any product marketing.

It was an insightful session where the students learned a lot about this career path.  It was heartening to note how Ms Alina stressed upon the diversity which was acceptable within her choice of profession and no particular study path would take you to work in digital media planning for the corporate world.

Students with an interest and will to learn on the job could easily develop into skillful professionals in this industry which promotes gender equality and offers equal chances of growth to working women.

Dawood Public School is proud to have run this program for two successful years now.  The students have been offered inspiration by leading successful women from a wide spectrum of professions, reiterating the DPS vision of empowering our young ladies as they step into their futures.