Posture Maintenance Session

“Stand up straight” “Sit properly” is a timeless advice youngsters hears at one time or another in their school/college life. Dawood Public School believes in not only conveying this advice but also making it happen. With this aim the Physiotherapy Department of Liaquat National Hospital was invited on October 04, 2018 to guide and share with the A-Level girls, the importance of maintaining a good posture.

Posture is the position in which we hold ourselves while standing, sitting or lying. Physical therapy or exercise helps in identifying and maximizing the quality of life and movement ensuring physical, psychological, emotional and social well being in a person. Hence, should be a part of every individual’s daily routine.

“Good posture triggers a positive attitude which in turn inculcates confidence.”

The LNH team guided the students and teachers on how proper postural alignment helps one work more efficiently with no/minimum fatigue. Besides stressing the importance of regular exercises like running, walking and cycling for the bones and muscles together Dr. Javeria and the students performed a number of very simple but valid exercises that should be done every day in order to acquire and maintain a good posture lastly, the LNH team answered the queries of the students and teachers and also appreciated their enthusiasm for the welfare of their body and posture before leaving them with the message:

“You project a confident image through good body posture.”