Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party was a fundraiser event organized in the A-Level seminar room, by the DAL Literary Society on October 16th 2018. The invitation to the party was also extended to the O-Level student body.

The guests of the party; teachers and students, were greeted by the A-Level girls dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland; Fatima Ali and Trisha Genevie as the Mad Hatters, Hala Mehmood as Alice, Fatima Siddiqui as White Bunny, Simra Shahid as The Red Queen, Hania Ghanatra and Imaan Ghalib as Tweedledee and Tweedledum. All characters entertained the guests with comic relief tricks. Refreshments included wonderland themed scrumptious snacks and niceties. The party resonated with Disney songs taking everyone back to their childhood days.

A bond of friendship and respect flourished between the O and A-Level students strengthening their affiliation. The diversity and uniqueness of the event brought everyone closer and added to the enjoyment of the event which was obvious in the beaming smiles.