International Girl Child Day

“The most wonderful miracle of life is the girl child.”

Dawood Public School celebrated the International Girl Child Day on 11th October, 2018, encouraging the girls to develop their skills, enter the workforce on equal terms and reach their full potential.
DPS promotes girls’ empowerment,human rights and stand with women as the innovators, inspirers and influencer of society.
Marking the International Girl Child Day every student from the primary to the A-Level shared their feelings about the importance of the girl child, by composing eye capturing art work as well as inspiring, beautiful pieces of writings, in the form of prose and poetry. The A-Level girls also performed a play applauding girls from across the globe. Some messages conveyed by the students include “Girls must explore their potential to do wonders”. “Each child is important and valued”. DPS loves their girls and instills in them confidence, strength and power to evolve into better human beings to help change the world for the better.

“Investing in girls is a moral imperative – a matter of basic justice and equality.”