STEM Education at DPS

Stem is the acronym for the word Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It was originated in the United States in 2001 by scientific administrators at the National Science Foundation (NSF). The prime goal of STEM was to manifest interdisciplinary and applied approach towards the obstacles of real life. Since its inception, STEM has been a ritual that is being practiced globally in a number of educational institutions ranking from Early Childhood Development to the Secondary School Program.

At Dawood Public School, we are proud to announce that STEM education has been introduced to the students at Grades VI, VII and VIII. A comprehensive curriculum has been integrated from within the departments of Science, Math and Computer Studies to develop a skill set which aims to unleash unexplored student potential.  Students engage in a vast variety of hands-on subject related activities for instilling analytical skills which will keep students ever prepared for their real life task handling and will refine them for unseen challenges in the long run.  We hope that this STEM education will not only instill a lifelong love for concept based subjects in our students but that it will also enhance their quest for research and knowledge.