The National Children’s Mountain Conservation Meet (NCMCM) Trekking Expedition

An exciting learning venture NCMCM for the year 2018 took place in December and a group of ten keen and enthusiastic students of grades VI to XI formed a team to survey the Salt Range under the supervision of Ms Aymen Yunus, the girls took a trip to the valleys of the Indus and Jhelum rivers in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

DPS Students accompanied during the trekking expedition are:

Sobia Shahzad


Alishba Ahmed


Maha Zakir khan


Adeena Abdul Ghaffar


Amna Ahmed



Sara Atiqi


Ayesha Alam


Raiha Haq


Syeda Areej Shah


Aisha Ahmed



During the entire trekking expedition our students explored Khewra Salt Mines, Raj Temple & Kanhati, PAF Base Sakesar, Lake Uchali near the Nowshera District of Punjab around the Kanhati Gardens, Kanhati Village and the vast plateau next to it. DPS contingents were lucky enough to be escorted to the radar installation at PAF Base Sakesar. To leave their mark at the mountain top, our girls participated in the national tree plantation drive by sowing saplings for fifty trees followed by a prayer session for the prosperity of our nation. Later, DPS contingents were escorted to the Lok Virsa and National Museum to view the artifacts and displays which narrate our course of development in history. On the final day of the Winter Camp, students trekked around the Kanhati Gardens, Kanhati Village and the plateau where they encamped as a final farewell to the natural environs they had been living amidst for their exciting excursion.

The participants attended a series of presentations time to time by the renowned environmentalists and grabbing a vast and valuable learning opportunity, they returned back with an enriching and long lasting cultural experience through which they will be able to deliver significant contributions towards the environmental conservation.