Urdu Inter-Class Elocution Competition – Primary Section

Students at the Primary Section had an exciting experience of gaining self-confidence in the month of March during which they participated enthusiastically to showcase their talent of expression in Urdu Elocution.  Spread over three days, the Inter-Class Competition presented impressive renditions exhibiting great talent.

On Day One, the students of Grades I and II were brought into the folds of this annual event for the first time this year.  With the intention of providing comfortable confidence for stage appearances, the young elocutionists gave excited performances as they adorned fancy props to add flavor to their renditions. The students were well versed, clearly depicting the hard work of teachers.  As the young ones were new to the event, their performances all received equal accolades as a testament of their pioneering efforts.

On Day Two, all sections of Grades III and IV participated with zest and zeal. Each class presented the best of their abilities and performed up to expectations. All groups were articulate and the memorization was perfect. Students of Grade III B and IV C took a clear lead with their amazing dramatic expressions and clear diction. The renditions on this Competition Day were judged by Ms Kiran Zia (Urdu Coordinator) Ms Seemi Aamir (Section In charge) Ms Naheed Jahan (Subject Supervisor) and Ms Nusrat Jahan (Faculty Member, Secondary Section).

The last contest was held on March 19 during which the students of Grade V performed with great gusto, adorning head bands and sashes depicting enthusiasm in their spirits. Their talent was evident in the perfect unisons of choral elocutions aided by gestures.  ‘Ufaq Ufaq Urey Chalo’ of Grade V C was declared the outstanding performance for remarkable articulation.  This Competition Day was judged by Ms Kiran Zia, Ms Sadiqa Afsar (Faculty Member, O Levels) and Ms Naheed Jahan.

Grade Poem Poet Position Teacher
I A Murgi Anonymous Ms Asma Ghazal
I B Billi Anonymous Ms Rafia Noor
I C Amir Gaye Mangal Bazar Anonymous Ms Zeenat Razi
I D Billi, Bandar or Bhaloo Anonymous Ms Asma Ghazal
I E Barish Ayee Anonymous Ms Rafia Noor
I F Chooza Anonymous Ms Zeenat Razi
II A Bulbulay Anonymous Ms Rafia Noor
II B Jungle Kahani Anonymous Ms Asma Ghazal
II C Hamari Gaye Anonymous Ms Asma Ghazal
II D Ghubbary Anonymous Ms Bina Shaukat
II E Jago Jago Subah Hoi Anonymous Ms Zeenat Razi
II F Mano Billi Anonymous Ms Zeenat Razi
III A Ek Kahani Suno Re Bhaiyya Anonymous Ms Yasmeen Syed
III B Rangeen Anonymous 1st Ms Yasmeen Syed
III C Suno Bachon Uthao Basta Anonymous 2nd Ms Jannat Bukhari
III D Allah ha Bas Pyaar hi Pyaar Anonymous 3rd Ms Jannat Bukhari
III E Lab pe Aati Ha Dua Allama Iqbal Ms Jannat Bukhari
III F Hamdardi Allama Iqbal Ms Jannat Bukhari
IV A Mehnat Anonymous 2nd Ms Saira Irshad
IV B Parinday ki Faryad Allama Iqbal Ms Bina Shaukat
IV C Ek Gaye or Bakri Allama Iqbal 1st Ms Yasmeen Syed
IV D Jugnoo or Bacha Allama Iqbal Ms Yasmeen Syed
IV E Maan ka Khwaab Allama Iqbal 3rd Ms Bina Shaukat
IV F Ek Pahar or Gulehri Allama Iqbal 3rd Ms Bina Shaukat
V A Umeed Altaf Hussain Haali Ms Saira Irshad
V B Rail ka Safar Syed Zameer Jaffery Ms Bina Shaukat
V C Ufaq Ufaq Urey Chalo Anonymous 1st Ms Yasmeen Syed
V D Imtehan Imtehan Anonymous Ms Yasmeen Syed
V E Chand or Taaray Allama Iqbal 2nd Ms Bina Shaukat
V F Shikva Allama Iqbal 3rd Ms Bina Shaukat