Annual School Play 2019 – Secondary Section

Neem Hakeem, Khatra-e-Jaan’ was the second performance of the Annual School Play Week.  Staged by the students from the Secondary Section on April 17, the play highlighted the oft forgotten wit of Urdu Literature and showcased the bilingual expertise which the School strives to imbibe in all students.

Aptly titled, ‘Neem Hakeem, Khatra-e-Jaan’ was adapted from a short story ‘Too Many doctors’ published in the Oxford Reading Circle series which scripted one of the mirthful memories from the Mughal Era where Emperor Akbar’s interactions with his wise advisor Beerbal led to a humorous point where the cheeky Beerbal enacted a fake wound to prove his hypothesis – that every random person believes himself to be a harbinger of great medical advice!

Students in embellished costumes confidently performed the complex characters depicting the Mughal Era allowing the audience to see Mughal grandeur coming alive.

Adding to the flavours of the performance was the carefully trained choir performance by Grade IX students.  The girls sang harmoniously to present a beautiful rendition of ‘Ab mein kya karoon’.

The play was directed by the Urdu faculty Ms Samina Naeem and Ms Sadiqa Afsar. The set and props were designed by Ms Azfer Maghrebi and Ms Zainab Tahir of the Art Department and all music compositions were selected by Sir Rohail and Sir Farrukh of the Music department. Parents’ support and contribution was worthwhile in the process of preparing costumes to enhance the stage performance.

An engaging script, immaculate performance with a melodious choir were the elements that combined together to make the Annual School Play a huge success.


Drama Cast with Characters
# Names Class Characters
1 Alvina Bano VIII-C Bawerchi
who was Akber???
2 Anusha Khurram VIII-A Darban
3 Esha Raheel VIII-D Naaee
4 Hafsa Khalid VIII-D Jurnail
5 Humna Owais VIII-D Tabeeb
6 Javeria Naqi VIII-D Birbal
7 Syeda Dua Jaffery VIII-A Darzi
8 Lamisa Meerani VIII-D Badsha Slamat
9 Moazzama Rizwan VIII-B Jaswant
10 Nimra Ovais VIII-D Pas e parda Awaz
11 Syeda Dua Jaffery VIII-A Shamsheer
12 Umama Asif VIII-F Wazeer e Aaala
13 Zehra Shabbir VIII-D Lohaar
14 Zenia Shirazy VIII-D Darban



Grade IX

Afifa Badar
Aqsa Pervez
Areeba Imran
Hoor Amir
Khekashan Jamil
Linta Haya
Maida Qazi
Manahil Sarwar