DPS Volunteers at KLF!

As per tradition, DPS students volunteered at the Karachi Literature Festival which showcased a 10th edition successfully between 1st and 3rd March at the Beach Luxury Hotel. Organised as always by the auspices of Oxford University Press (Pakistan), the three-day event offered a myriad of book launchings, panel discussions on thought-provoking subjects, documentary screenings, discussion forums and presentations. Living up to its traditions, the KLF afforded flair and flavor to the rich traditions encompassed within the languages Urdu, Sindhi and English.

The Festival presented a great opportunity for our Grade IX students. Aisha Shirazi, Amna Asim, Maha Sheikhani, Rafaya Adnan and Syeda Zuha Fatima represented the School at this literary forum and gained valuable experience as they performed tasks assigned to them.  Engulfed in an environment that exuded creative expression and individual thought, our awe struck volunteers were able to meet and interact with eminent personalities of Ms. Noor-ul-Huda Shah, Ms. Bina Shah, Mr. Javed Jabbar, Mr. Bilal Zahoor, Mr. I. A. Rehman, Ms. Erum Sattar, Ms. Imrana Maqsood, Ms. Amra Alam and Mr. Muhammad Rizvi.