DPS Singing Sensation-2019

The activity calendar for the year began with an Inter-Class search for a ‘DPS Singing Sensation’. The competition spread across a week from August 27th to 30th, featuring juniors as well as seniors from Grades V to X.  Budding vocalists enthusiastically took to the stage, and impressed the audience with their pitch perfect performances and soulful renditions to popular songs. The judiciary panel included musically inclined teachers, Ms. Uzma Habib, Ms. Azfar Maghrabi, Ms Rooma Yameen and Sir Hasnain Murad. Ms Nazish Hassan, the Secondary Section In-Charge joined the panel for Grades IX and X.

Students at each Grade level competed in categories for Western music as well as for the more traditional genres of Eastern music.  The eager competitors were allowed to select from a wide variety of classical, contemporary, patriotic and folk songs for the coveted titles on each day of the competition.

The Music department deserves salutations for conducting an enthralling event that stretched for four days and saw the seminar room packed to its capacity; with definitely more than just one ‘Singing Sensation’ being celebrated every day!


Grade V
The winners of the Western (English) category
Name Sections Position Song
Umaiza C 1st How Far I’ll Go
Rija Adnan A 2nd
Zara Khan B 3rd
The winners of Eastern (Urdu) category
Syeda Midhat Danish F 1st Mere Watan Yeh Aqeedatein
Abeeha Naveed B 2nd Tera Woh Pyaar
Maira Shafaat F 3rd Tera Woh Pyaar
Grade VI
The winners of the Western (English) category
Farashah Shams C 1st Drag me down
Zoha Salman E 2nd Let it Go
Fariha Saif D 3rd How far I’ll go
The winners of Eastern (Urdu) category
Maleeha Zia C 1st Thaam Lo
Khadija Asif B 2nd Tera Woh Pyaar
Rija Faraz F 3rd Thaam Lo
Grade VII
The winners of the Western (English) category
Anahita Surathiya C 1st Girls like you
Aliza Ahmed E 2nd What makes you beautiful
Nabiha Hayat E 3rd Drag me down
The winners of Eastern (Urdu) category
Zainab Yousuf B 1st Thaam Lo
Fatima Arshad E 2nd Thaam Lo
Eman Haider F 3rd Tera Woh Pyar
Grade VIII
The winners of the Western (English) category
Alishba Siddiqui C 1st Love yourself
Musfirah Kashif E 2nd Treat you better
Hadia Saif D 3rd Scars to your beautiful’
The winners of Eastern (Urdu) category
Soha Fatima A 1st Woh Humsafar Tha
Bhaajat Moeez F 2nd Disco Deewanay
Zoha Ather A 3rd Thaam Lo
Grade IX/X
The winners of the Western (English) category
Aira Hanif IX-D 1st Can’t help falling in love
Areeba Khan X-D 2nd Treat you better
Afeera Umair X-D 3rd Rush
The winners of Eastern (Urdu) category
Maida Qazi X-A 1st Woh Humsafar Tha
Maham Shah X-E 2nd Moh Moh ke Dhagay
Rafaya Adnan X-D 3rd Behka na