Annual Inter-School Declamation 2020 – Urdu

Aimed to enhance student’s oratory skill and to spark healthy positive debate, DPS arranged an Inter-school Urdu Declamations Contest on January 16, 2020

14 prestigious schools participated in the Inter-School Urdu Declamation held on 16th January, 2020. The Anchorage School, Qamar-e-Bani Hashim Higher Secondary School, River Oaks Academy, PECHS Girls’ School, BVS Parsi High School, St Michael Convent School, Mama Parsi Girls’ Secondary School, Green shield Public School, Habib Girls’ School, Education Bay School, Sunbeams Grammar School, Lecole for Advanced Studies, The Generations School and Ghulaman-e-Abbas School.

The participants were welcomed by the O and A level student Councils and escorted to the event’s venue the KSBL auditorium. The event was divided into three categories. Honorable judges panel Mr. Mubassar Iqbal, Mr. Raheel Akhtar and Ms. Amra Alam adjudged the competition.

As per tradition, DPS students Hamna Yaseen, Maham Mohsin, Aimen Asim and Zuha Fatima, punctuated the event at the end of each category as participants only.

Topics – Urdu Declamation-2019
Category 1

[Age group 12-13 years]

سنجیدہ متحد ہوکر جئیں ، تو ایک طاقت ہم بھی ہیں
مزاحیہ موبائل فون رشتوں کا دشمن
Category 2

[Age group 14-15 years]

سنجیدہ تُو اگر میرا نہیں بنتا نہ بن ،  اپنا تو بن
مزاحیہ لوگ کیا کہیں گے !
Category 3

[Age group 16-18 years]

سنجیدہ بننے ہیں اہلِ ہوس ،مدعی بھی منصف بھی
مزاحیہ روک سکو تو روک لو۔۔۔۔
Competition winners Schools / Category Position
Category 1
Rumaisa Atif Khan Mama Parsi Girls’ Secondary School 1st
Tanveer Ali BVS Parsi High School 2nd
S.M Ali Raza Zaidi Ghulaman-e-Abbas  School 3rd
Category 2
M. Zaid Shahzad BVS Parsi High School 1st
Furqan Haider Ghulaman-e-Abbas  School 2nd
Mehak Asif Mama Parsi Girls’ Secondary School 3rd
Category 3
Sara Saeed Mama Parsi Girls’ Secondary School 1st
Muddassir Ammad BVS Parsi High School 2nd
Laiba Arif PECHS Girls School 3rd


Certificates of Participation were awarded to students of participating schools. Certificate of Appreciation was received by the DPS students who hosted the event.

As a token of gratitude, DPS Deputy Head Girl A-Level Rameen Salman, Head Girl O-Level Hiba Siddiqui and the Deputy Head Girl O-Level Neha Imran presented, a gift hamper and letter of appreciation to the honorable judges.

In her address, the Principal Ms. Mahvash Roshani admired the confidence of all the participants, thanked the judges for their valuable time and precious opinion. The auspicious event culminated with a group photo session. The enthusiastic participation by reputed schools, made the event to be extremely competitive