Farewell Message by Student Council Batch of 18-19

Being Heads of the Student Council really opened our eyes to how we can make a difference in our school. We loved being the communicators between the students and teachers. Whenever a student had a problem, we cherished the feeling that they could always come and speak to us. At the beginning, it was difficult to manage academic expectations with our responsibilities, but with the help of our devoted teachers, we overcame the hurdles one by one.

Heading the Student Council taught us patience and tolerance and how to handle different situations wisely. We realized that by pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, we will reach our maximum potential.

One challenge that tested our abilities was to motivate the few prefects who had been selected to become a part of the Student Council, but did not have the potential to manage things and were not confident enough to perform their duty. We are proud of ourselves that halfway through the school year, we had helped them improve.

We would like to advise our juniors to never let opportunities like these go and make the best of every chance they get to prove themselves. They should always learn from their failures instead of being disappointed because there is always a second chance to improve. The key to achieving great things is hardwork, honesty and belief in one’s self. We wish the best to our juniors and heads of the future student councils to come. May the odds always be in your favour!

At the end, we thank Dawood Public School.  We are extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity to grow and learn lessons that would not have been possible otherwise. Thank you for always supporting and believing in us.



Ayesha Karim                     Head Girl

Umaima Sohail                  Deputy Head Girl

Izma Aamir                         Deputy Head Girl