Inter-Class Elocution Competition

Dawood Public School has always taken a lead to motivate students to excel in all fields of life. To polish language skills and to boost self confidence, the Annual Inter-Class Elocution Competition was held in Primary Section during the second week of February. All classes participated in choral recitations under pre decided themes to focus the beauty of delivery and dramatic effect.Grade V picked poems depicting ‘Life Lessons’whereas Grade IV students opted for ‘Nature’. Grade III brought humour on stage through ‘Nonsense Poetry’ and Grade II showcasedimmense love for ‘Family’. The student and teacher audience relived their childhood when the youngest students of the Primary Section at Grade I performed on famous nursery rhymes. It was a treat to see the colourful props, cute hairstyles and creative costumes which depicted correlation to the message of each selected piece of poetry, aligning all performances beautifully for a well-coordinated event.

All participating students were judged on the basis of clarity, diction and dramatic appropriateness. Students exhibited inspiring team spirit and performed with great enthusiasm and fervor before a captivated audience and enraptured judges.

The competition was pitched between each section for Grades III to V, whereas the younger students at Grades I and II were all encouraged with equal enthusiasm and motivation to be included in the formal annual competition as they grew older in coming years.

Poems Poet Grade Position Teacher
Grade I  
Six Little Ducks Anonymous I A Ms Saima Arsalan
I look into the mirror Helen More I B Ms Shumaila Rahim
Mini Beasts Anonymous I C Ms Fatima Mateen
Lady Bug Anonymous I D Ms Samreen Tasneem
The White Window James Stephen I E Ms Tayyaba Arshad
Who’s that Knocking Anonymous I F Ms Rahila Imran
Only a Dad Edgar Guest II A Ms Asiya Waqas
In Your Heart Thomas S. Carver II B Ms Asiya Waqas
At the End of the Rainbow Kathy Lesly II C Ms Asiya Waqas
Thanks Brother Anonymous II D Ms Fatima Raza
My Beautiful Sister Sinead II E Ms Fatima Raza
A Tribute to Family Anonymous II F Ms Fatima Raza
Sick Shel Silverstein III A 3rd Ms Sidra Abdullah
Mr Nobody Anonymous III B Ms Sidra Abdullah
Mcavity a Mystery Cat T.S. Eliot III C 1st Ms Sidra Abdullah
My Five Kitty Cats Suzanne Hofbauer III D Ms Nighat Haider
The Owl and the Pussy Cat Edward Lear III E 2nd Ms Nighat Haider
Television Roald Dahl III F Ms Nighat Haider
A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever John Keats IV A Ms Mehreen Kanwal
The Brook Alfred Lord Tennyson IV B Ms Amna Rehan
Tyger William Blake IV C 1st Ms Mehreen Kanwal
The Brook Alfred Lord Tennyson IV D 2nd Ms Amna Rehan
The Cloud Percy Bysshe Shelley IV E Ms Amna Rehan
I Wandered William Wordsworth IV F 3rd Ms Mehreen Kanwal
The Spider and the Fly Mary Howitt V A Ms Fatima Nazneen
What Life Should Be… Pat Fleming V B Ms Erum Rahim
If Rudyard Kipling V C 1st Ms Fizza Rehman
Have you Earned Your Tomorrow Edgar Guest V D 2nd Ms Erum Rahim
It Couldn’t be Done Edgar Guest V E 3rd Ms Fatima Nazneen
Credo Of Life Pat Fleming V F Ms Erum Rahim


All students of the Primary Section were appreciated for their excellent participation at the Annual Inter-Class Elocution Competition and the performances of all Grades were judged by the Section In Charge Ms Seemi Amir, Program Supervisor Ms Fatima Nazneen, Subject Coordinator for English, Ms Munazzah Farooq and Ms Nida-e-Zehra, the Activity Focal Person.