Student Council 2019-2020

The campaign for the most sought after Student Council Elections took place in September.  After a late commencing of Session 2019-20, students were anxious to be awarded positions for the academic year.

The traditional Grade XI volunteers aspiring for the position of Head Girl and Deputy Head Girls filled out questionnaires as a first step to the process.  These were reviewed and assessed by the Disciplinary Team and checked against the classroom votes.  The shortlisted candidates were then interviewed by the Heads.  After grueling tests for confidence, independent opinions, personality grooming and positivity, the selected candidates were shortlisted for Elections.

Hibah Siddiqui, Marzia Adeeb and Sarosh Shezad were the selected candidates for Head Girl, whereas Aniqa Dejwani, Misbah Jehangir, Neha Imran, Sadaf Yasin, Vanya Sameen and Sarosh Shezad, as a spillover candidate, competed for the two positions of Deputy Head Girl.

Nervous with anticipation, but standing tall and proud, each student addressed a student assembly of the entire Secondary Section as they presented the merits of their candidacy.  Amidst thundering applause and cheering fans, the mic moved from one aspirant to another, giving an equal chance to pitch themselves as the best.  The aspirants all talked of participative leadership and ensuring a culture of kindness, compassion and team work.

This year the House Captains were also elected by their respective members of the four houses and each house was assigned a faculty member as House Mistress.

Anita Ghulam Ali in blue voted to choose between Humaira Farooq and Maham Ahmed.  Students in red for Bilqees Edhi House selected a leader from Hareem Altaf and Maham Adnan while Bapsi Sidhwa House, in yellow decided between Manaal Dhanani and Wania Rafat.  Haadiya Faisal in green, of Fatima Jinnah House struck lucky and was declared an uncontested winner.

The final winners for the Elections were announced on 11th September 2019, with Dawoodians cheering in favour of expected winning Head Girl Hiba Siddiqui, who was overjoyed at the announcement and even more thrilled to hear partners Vanya Sameen and Neha Imran join her as Deputy Headgirls.   The first of the elected House Captains were Maham Ahmed for Anita Ghulam Ali, Wania Rafat for Bapsi Sidhwa, Hareem Altaf for Bilquees Edhi House while Haadiya Faisal joined the winning team.

The traditional oath taking ceremony took place on 20th September 2019 at Morning Assembly, where the Student Council for 2019-20 took the school pledge in an honourable manner.

Head Girl
Hibah Siddiqui XI-F
Deputy Head Girls
Vania Sameen XI-D
Neha Imran XI-D
House Captains
Anita Ghulam Ali House – Blue
Maham Ahmed XI-D
Fatima Jinnah House – Green
Hadiya Faisal XI-F
Bapsi Sidhwa House – Yellow
Wania Raffat XI-A
Bilquis Edhi House – Red
Hareem Altaf XI-F
Head Prefects
Neha Abdul Rahim XI-A
Rubaisha Farooq XI-A
Zainab Imran XI-A
Musfirah XI-B
Muskaan Asif XI-B
Sarosh Shahzad XI-B
Marzia Adeeb XI-C
Rahat Bashir XI-C
Sumaika Imran XI-C
Eruj Jawed XI-D
Mariam Batool XI-D
Zobia Asif XI-D
Aiman Afzal XI-E
Ayesha Ghauri XI-E
Rabia XI-E
Atiya Noman XI-F
Misbah Jahangir XI-F
Zehra Ahmed XI-F
Prefects – Grade X
Aimen Shoaib X-A
Manal Rashid Khan X-A
Hamnah Siddiqui X-B
Mishaal Sabzwari X-B
Sadia Mushtaq X-C
Labibah Yaqoob X-C
Sakina Zehra X-D
Zainab Nadeem X-D
Maida Qazi X-E
Sahal Shahid X-E
Manahil Sohail Fatani X-F
Zahabia Adnan X-F
Prefects – Grade IX
Anusha Siddique IX-A
Nawal Faheem IX-A
Zainab Usman IX-B
Zuha Naim IX-B
Mariam Abid IX-C
Rida Rehman IX-C
Dua Ayub IX-D
Khadija Salman IX-D
Mariam Lakhani IX-E
Sana Zia IX-E
Ayesha Imran IX-F
Daniya Shafiq IX-F
Prefects – Grade VIII
Kinza Jawaid VIII-A
Haleema Qasim VIII-B
Marukh Hafeez VIII-C
Princy Maheshwai VIII-D
Musfirah Kashif VIII-E
Hiba Shahid VIII-F

Prefects – Grade VII

Hajra Irfan Qazi VII-A
Eruj Ayub VII-B
Haniya Adnan VII-C
Alliya Zaidi VII-D
Zara Khalid VII-E
Maham Abdullah VII-F

Prefects – Grade VI

Haniya Waqar VI-A
Sheeza Salman VI-B
Alishba Asif VI-C
Warieha Gul VI-D
Zoya Ehtesham VI-E
Wania Nadeem Durrani VI-F
Prefects – Grade V
Kashar Zehra V-A
Maliaka Akhtar V-B
Ammara Abid V-B
Haya Tauseef V-B
Raaviyah Zahid V-C
Rabea Zahid V-C
Umme Abiha V-D
Umme Habiba V-D
Fatima Shoaib V-E
Hafsa Nazir V-E
Eshal Adnan V-F
Noor ul Huda V-F