Annual Inter Class Declamation – English

To experience the influence of a masterfully crafted language, DPS organizes the Inter Class Declamation Competition – English every year.  Students are offered a selection of topics to choose from and they opt for either the ‘humorous’ genre or the ‘serious’ category.  After in in-class screening of all volunteers, three incumbents from each Grade level are given a two minute speaking time to articulate their views on their selected topic; judged by as esteemed panel of honourable faculty members.  Each student is then assessed on the criterion of content, articulation and effect and the results of an often grueling competition, are declared to the nervous competitors and certificates are awarded in recognition for their eloquence and prowess.

The Annual Competition this academic session commenced on 15th October 2019 for the talented and well spoken aspirants of the Secondary Section.

The Judiciary Panel comprised of Ms Sabiha Bukhari; Head of Training Cell, Ms Huma Thaver; Principal A Level, Ms Munazza Mansuri, Coordinator, Department of English, Ms Fatima Nazneen; Program Supervisor for Grades IV and V as well as senior faculty member, Department of English and Ms Rubina Mirza; senior faculty member, Department of English.

Topics – English Declamation-2019
Grade VI Nightmares of growing up

When teasing turns into bullying

Grade VII Auto-correct could ruin your life

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent

Grade VIII How we pronounce our words matters

Mass Media – More sensational than responsible

O Levels My pocket money finishes too soon.

Opportunities don’t happen, we create them.

Competition winners Grade/Section Position
Grade VI
Sarah Asif VI-D 1st
Umaima Saqib VI-C 2nd
Alishba Wasif VI-F 3rd
Areesha Dejwani VI-E Honorary mention
Grade VII
Anahita Surathia VII-F 1st
Alvina Faisal VII-A 2nd
Zara Hasan VII-D 3rd
Grade VIII
Adeena Adnan VIII-D 1st
Baahjat Moeez VIII-F 2nd
Hadia Saif VIII-D 3rd
O Levels
Neha Imran XI-E 1st
Manaal Humail XI-A 2nd
Sahal Shahid X-E 3rd