Annual Inter Class Spelling Bee Competition

Spelling lay are an essential foundation for precise written expression; and to be able to ascertain the combination of alphabets making up a word requires a rare talent.  At DPS we strive to develop an understanding of etymology and nurture the comprehension of articulation in order to develop confident public speakers.

For this, the Annual Spelling Bee competition offers talented students an opportunity to test their skill enroute to selection for school representation for city level competitions. Each year, the Academic Session conducts a challenging Inter Class Spelling Bee, teaching participants the ability to thrive under pressure and to nurture self-confidence.  The zealous students look forward to the elimination rounds before the larger, more complex finals which stretch across many mornings.

This year too, the traditional Spelling Bee competition was organized by the English Department for the students of Primary and Secondary Section.  The first round of the competition for Primary Section was held from 3rd to 5th September and a second round for the Secondary Section from 18th to 20th September.


Winning Teams Grade/Section Position
Umemah Fecto

Ayesha Adil

Fatima Masood

III-C 1st
Sehrish Iqbal

Musfirah Sohai

Azka Rasheed Ali

IV-C 1st
Rabeea Zahid

Umaiza Inam

Naira Mubassar

V-C 1st
Sonia Anas

Soha Ali Mirza

Fatima Imran

VI-F 1st
Mariam Sharjeel

Alvina Faisal

Haniya Aziz

VII-A 1st
Areesha Danish

Areesha Adeel

Amna Ahmed

VIII-E 1st