Mid-Year Tests

November 27, 2020


Dawood Public School

Grade V to XI



Subject: Mid-Year Tests


Dear Parents,

It was heartening to hear our students communicating freely their concerns regarding online assessments. We got the opportunity to speak to a vast majority of students from Grades VIII-XI. We felt that it was the fear of the unknown that was worrying them. As our conversation progressed, many students were ingenious in suggesting changes that would make the process simpler. Listed below are some changes we have incorporated to facilitate our young students:


  1. There will be a delay of one week in assessments for all Grades. (Please refer to the attached schedule)
  2. Grade V will take one 45 minute assessment per day.
  3. All Grades VI and above will appear for one subject split into two 45 minute assessments per day; only 90 minutes of testing time.
  4. Exam timings have been staggered to accommodate students with siblings. (Kindly refer to the attached schedule)
  5. Timetable and syllabus of Grade X has been revised as per their request.
  6. All Grades taking the exam will be given practice assessments to make students feel comfortable regarding the stated protocols.
  7. Your child will be required to be visible via digital camera in their Meet virtual exam rooms; access exam paper in the form of a PDF document; and scan her documents to submit her work. The devices may be a laptop/desktop with camera and mic, and          a mobile phone, or two mobile phones.
  8. Students of grade IX to XI will get preparatory leave on Thursday December 3 and Friday December 4, 2020.
  9. The winter vacation will commence on December 25, 2020 and end on January 10, 2021.
  10. School will resume on Monday January 11, 2021 (virtually/physically subject to Government notification).


We understand that this process will pose challenges (electricity outage/internet breakdown) due to circumstances unforeseen. We urge you to remain positive and communicate with us as and when a problem arises. We are here to support each one of you to the best of our abilities. If you still continue to have individual concerns beyond the solutions provided above, kindly contact your child’s respective Section Head via email.

It has been wisely said: “time slips away like grains of sand never to return again.” [Robin Sharma] We are at the threshold of an uncertain future wherein suggestions for delay in assessments may seem as an easy option, but can prove detrimental as we move into January without the assurance that schools will be able to reopen on-campus. Pushing exams to a later date could have a domino effect on our students, as valuable time of final term learning; especially for students looking at CAIE assessments only a few months away. Let us make good use of this time in preparing ourselves for the future. Together we have accomplished many milestones in the past; let us reach a higher bar once again with the support of one another.


Looking forward to your cooperation and support.


Stay Safe!



Mahvash Roshani



Timetable of Grade V-VIII

Timetable of Grade IX-XI