Mid-Year Art Exam

13th November 2020

 Dawood Public School

Grade VI – VIII


Subject: Mid-Year Art Exam


Dear Parent,

Kindly find below the schedule for Art Exam. This will be taken physically in school during the last three periods. Students are advised not to bring notebooks/textbooks for the scheduled time as per individual class timetables.

Day 1: 18th November 2020 for Group A

Day 2: 19th November 2020 for Group B

Specific requirement for art materials will be communicated to students via All Sections WhatsApp Group and must be brought to school for the exam.  Please note that sharing will not be allowed.

The exam is compulsory for all students. Any students who fails to appear for the exam will be marked absent.

We look forward to your cooperation at the first step of our formal assessment process.


Stay Safe!



Mahvash Roshani