Infrastructural Enhancements at DPS

The recent pandemic raised numerous challenges for everyone, one of them being technology. To combat the technology gap, we, at Dawood Public School, utilized our resources to enhance our infrastructure. We started off with rewiring all four buildings at our campus, offering networking solutions with broader bandwidth for smooth internet traffic.

To expedite the transition to online study, we issued personal laptops to all teachers. Our teachers also received comprehensive and continuous in-house training to conduct classes and utilize the G-Suite platform. We also provide specially-equipped classrooms with smartboards and necessary multimedia to livestream all essential subjects.

Through our hybrid mode of learning, students partake in independent learning and teachers provide direct teaching. We use Google Classroom judiciously to create a virtual space for facilitating this model as teachers provide resources and assignments, as well as create opportunities for collaboration and feedback.

Moreover, we conducted online assessments for over 1,000 students from Class 5 till A-Levels as we adjusted to the “new normal” and traditional methods of conducting assessments including invigilation and hard copy assessments were re-conceptualized.

Furthermore, we took steps to modernize our computer labs and library systems according to international standards. We also installed biometric stations to allow touch-free attendance.

We want to continue meeting the challenges of today and create advantage, minimize risk, and sustain our performance, to provide quality education and learning experiences for our students.