Guidelines for students to follow during online classes

7th June, 2020

Dawood Public School
Grade II to X

Subject: Guidelines for students to follow during online classes

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to teaching and learning at DPS. We look forward to reconnecting with our students from tomorrow morning. This final learning phase is mandatory and all classes will contribute to the Final Report for promotion to the next class.

Kindly review the following guidelines for students to follow during these online classes. These are essential for an enriching experience.

1. Students should wake up early and complete a nutritious breakfast before the routine of their daily online classes.
2. Students are expected to dress appropriately and appear well groomed, with hair neatly done.
3. Students should use a quiet place without disruptions. If there are any disruptions in background, we request that mics are muted in order to make learning an effective experience for all class fellows.
4. All students must have a notebook and stationery items with them according to the timetable shared earlier. Please visit the website for this if you have not noted the timetable as yet.
5. Students are advised to sit with the entire day’s timetable to avoid unnecessary disruptions.
6. Classes will start at the scheduled time, please encourage students to attend punctually to avoid being marked late. Attendance for this session will carry marks.
7. We have given an adequate break in the timetable. Please ensure your child has no breaks during classes. We encourage you to keep some snacks and water bottles to keep students refreshed and hydrated during classes.
8. All student queries will be responded during the class chat box in the live sessions. In case of any questions after class, students are requested to post their questions in Classroom, it will be addressed by the teacher later.
9. Please note that we expect a respectful interaction between all those in the virtual classroom. The teacher will remove any student who will disrupt or misbehave in the class.
10. Please motivate and encourage students to attempt all worksheets, assignments timely as per the instructions of each teacher. These mandatory classes will include marks for all assignments and homework.
11. We suggest that all students arrange for back-up data support to cater for electricity or internet failures. All such disconnects must be immediately addressed so that classes are not missed.

Looking forward to a wonderful final phase.

Mahvash Roshani