Grand Test for X – XI

Date: 18th January 2021

Dawood Public School

Secondary Section

Grades X – XI


Subject: Grand Test for X – XI

Dear Parents,

The CAIE results are always an important milestone in a students’ academic journey.  As we continue to face an ongoing pandemic period of uncertainty, the School has arranged for Grand Tests in all appearing subjects for students in Grades X and XI.  These tests will form an essential component of predicted grades for the O Level exams.

We look forward to using the benefit of our extensive campus while the junior classes remain on-line as we gather this essential set of data measuring students’ academic ability.  Both groups will combine to attend school on the days of the Grand Tests.  Students will report to their Exam Rooms in groups of 15 as per SOPs where they will take two tests per day for an hour each, using breaks in between for refreshment as always. Students will also use the opportunity of face to face paper review for the on-line Mid-Year Assessments taken in December.

Please note the timetable for the Grand Tests below.  Students will attend a full day of school on Wednesday, Thursday (7:50-1:30) and Friday (7:50-12:30) and use Gates A, B and C as per daily practice.  Saturday timings are 8:00 am to 11:00 am.  Students do not have to carry their books for the complete timetable as teaching classes will only be conducted in the last three periods. 

Grand Test Timetable – Group A and B to attend together
Date & Day Grade X Grade XI
8:30—9:30 (subject 1) 10:00— 11:00 (subject 2) 8:30—9:30 (subject 1) 10:00 — 11:00 (subject 2)
20th Jan Wednesday Regular school day for Group A B.St / Chem Maths
21st Jan Thursday Islamiyat Urdu A/B Bio / Acc English
22nd Jan Friday Geo History Phy / Eco Sociology
23rd Jan Saturday No paper F&N/E.Mgt/Add Math/ W.H/Eng.Lit/A&D Computer

The paper-review for some subjects is expected to begin from tomorrow, Tuesday 19th January for Group B; whereas Group A will take the same via concurrent on-line class.  For this, students are required to bring all their papers, filed in one folder.  Class timetables will be followed for the same.

Attached to this circular is the seating arrangement and the altered timetable for the days of the Grand Tests.  Kindly review the same.  Students will be required to proceed directly to their assigned rooms in the morning; teachers will guide accordingly.

Looking forward to your continued cooperation.

Stay Safe!
Mahvash Roshani

Grand Test – X-XI – Seating Arrangement
Grand Test – X-XI – Adjusted Timetable