First Term Monthly Tests

Dawood Public School
Grades II- VIII

September 24, 2021

Subject: First Term Monthly Tests

Dear Parents,

As the month of September is ending, we now look forward to the First Term Monthly Tests, commencing from 4th October 2021 till 15th October 2021.

Timetable and Syllabus for the same are attached with this circular.

Please note the following details.

  • Grade II – VII students will attend School as per their allotted Group days.
  • No papers are scheduled for Grades II to V on Friday, 15th October, whereas Grades VI and VII have their tests scheduled on 15th October, therefore Grades VI and VII will attend School on Friday, 15th October in full cohort. Both Groups, A and B will attend the tests on-campus.
  • Grade VIII is attending on-campus classes in full cohort from 27th September, hence they will take the monthly tests on campus.

We look forward to your continuous support and cooperation.

Mahvash Roshani

Link to access Syllabus & Time Tables