Final Term Activity Week – July 2020

July 17, 2020

Dawood Public School

Grades I – X 


Ref.No: STD/AC/20/205

Subject: Final Term Activity Week – July 2020


Dear Parents,

As per the school tradition, the year-end activity week has been planned from July 20 to July 28, 2020.

A host of activities have been organised for students of Grades I – IV to let them relax and enjoy while learning something new every day. This time we have also collaborated with the Oxford University Press to conduct engaging story telling sessions for our young students. Students will join these sessions as per their current Grade level.

Students of Grades V – X will have their orientation sessions for Clubs and Societies for the upcoming academic year. We are very proud to announce that these sessions will be conducted by the Club presidents and their senior members while faculty mentors will monitor them to maintain discipline. The aim is to let the senior students establish closer connections with their juniors and form stronger bonds in the virtual environment.

Please note that students will take sessions as per their current Grade levels.

Students of Grade V will be taking the Clubs and Societies Orientation sessions during this week so that they can make an informed decision while choosing their Clubs for the upcoming academic year.

All sessions will take place on Google Meet as per practice. All invitations will be posted on the WhatsApp groups of the respective Grades.

We hope to see all of our students in these fun-filled sessions.

Stay Safe!



Mahvash Roshani