Feedback for Practice Assessment

Date: 2nd December 20

Dawood Public School

Secondary Section

Grade IX – XI

Ref No.STD/AC/20/02

Subject: Feedback for Practice Assessment


Dear Students,

Congratulations for the outstanding efforts made by all of you at the trial earlier today.  As always we are extremely proud of the continued resilience shown by all of you.  We believe we are now ready as a team of teachers and students to take the mid-year assessments with comfortable confidence.

We were happy to observe a good turnout of students in each Exam Room.  Unfortunately, some of you missed the trial, please take a careful review of the guidelines so that you are well set for the assessments starting on 7th December.

Most of you understood the procedure well and responded as per given instructions.  However, please review the following details to help you further understand the process:

  1. Your exam papers will be submitted as a single PDF document. Please view the video tutorial for this process; it is posted to your All Section WhatsApp Group.
  2. You must ‘reply all’ to the email sent to you with your question paper. Please do not add recipients.  Your invigilator will confirm receipt wherever possible.  In case you feel worried about us receiving your email, please rest assured that your ‘sent’ email will confirm the validity of your timely submission.  If there is any confusion from our side, we may request a picture showing the timestamp of your sending.
  3. Please review your positioning during the length of your assessment. We require consistent visibility showing you waist and above.  When you enter the Exam Room, put on your camera and check how you see yourself; adjust yourself accordingly.
  4. You must remain silent throughout the exam. You are not allowed to speak to each other.  Any queries will be resolved via chat by your invigilator.
  5. You will remain in the Exam Room till the invigilator allows you to leave. Keep your eye on the timer showing on the screen.  As soon as time is up, you must immediately stop writing, put your pens down and switch on your mics to follow the instructions of your invigilator.

In case there is a lack of adherence to prerequisites, such as lack of visibility or mics not switched on, your paper will be cancelled and you will be marked absent.  Please note that any suspicious activity will be noted and your paper will be critically judged and possibly cancelled. Remember that integrity and honesty are virtues that symbolize a strong character.  We hope that you can all make the right choices if faced with a forked path in the journey of your life.  At DPS, our teachers are the best judge of your performance, and a decision by the School will be held as final and non-contestable.

We will soon be posting a video tutorial for how to ‘reply all’ for your submissions to further assist you.  Please make sure you view that too.

Let’s move ahead now and embrace the mid-year assessments with a firm faith that this is yet another essential milestone that we must achieve.


Wishing you the best always,


Sharmeen Hussain

Head of Secondary Section