DPS Updates Session 2017-2018.

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Pre Primary, Primary, Secondary and A levels

DPS Updates Session 2017 – 2018

Dear Parents,

As we draw to the close of academic session 2017-18, it gives us immense pleasure to look back and retrace the challenges we have overcome and the successes we have celebrated.  You, the proud parents, have always been an indispensable backbone to the steady growth of DPS.  We extend our gratitude for your support and cooperation throughout the year.

The academic session began with great zest as we looked forward to rigorous academics and multi-dimensional skill development opportunities.  New ventures were waiting to be implemented; adding variety to the traditional repertoire of events, activities and educational experiences.

At the start of the year, DPS was awarded the coveted University of Cambridge partnership in recognition of participation in the Leadership for Learning Project.  This propelled the development and implementation of an impact strategy to improve learning for students.  The new DPS motto “knowledge to empower” reflected the broadening of our vision.  Students were encouraged to take responsibility for their study regimen and were provided a well defined checklist of learning objectives for each subject.  In congruence, altered curriculum uploads on the School Website offered you an insight to this enhanced commitment.  As a result, we can confidently report that the overall achievement level for each student has had a marked improvement.

On a similar note, we positioned a Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO) to further strengthen our inclusive education venture, welcoming students with mixed abilities into the DPS family.  Each student thus, received individual attention with a specifically designed success path.  Personalized assistance and follow up ensured they remain within the folds of the mainstream educational community.

We are proud of the twenty first century skills that our students have been able to display with increasing confidence every year.  Amidst the excitement of new classes and academic challenges, we managed a second successful exhibition of MagnifiScience.  DPS management, faculty, staff and students all joined hands to welcome and embrace students, families and visitors from across the city as well as the length and breadth of the province once again at the country’s largest Science Exhibition.  With a vision to provide unique learning spaces to all, DPS has laid footprints in the foundation of forming a culture for scientific research and educational creativity.

Some memorable achievements deserve special highlight.  Dania Riaz, Headgirl O Levels 17-18 was awarded a World Distinction for CAIE O Level Economics.  At the National level, Sania Majid of Class VII won second position across Pakistan and first in Karachi at the Interschool Math Olympiad.  Wania Khayyam of Class IV achieved third place after many grueling rounds at the two month long WWF Spelling Bee.  As always, our students received many a medal and award at the Kangaroo Sans Frontiers’ Inter-school competitions in Language, Science and Math.  The gardening curriculum and practical this year enabled the students’ project of ‘kitchen garden’ to win first position at the Flower Show Competition hosted by the Horticultural Society of Pakistan.

Dawood Public School is now also an important member of the five pioneering schools which were selected for the Active Citizens Program by the British Council.  Our students designed comprehensive sustainable plans to alleviate sensitive issues which ail society.  Their hard work and dedication received unanimous appreciation to gain first position at the National Showcasing held at Islamabad.

As we strongly propagate ‘unity in diversity’, we were proud to participate in the National Games 2018 and MENA Games AbuDhabi organized by Special Olympics.  Our team for Basketball interacted with and formed strong bonds with their counterparts who compensated their physical ability with an unparalleled spiritual grit.  Each year, DPS reaches out to the larger community at Universal Children’s Day and this year we invited students from ACELP Special Children, Rahat-e-Islamia, Khatoon-e-Pakistan, Lady Mariam Adamjee and SRSC to celebrate equality.  On the same note, Helpers Society students arranged the Annual Bake Sale to donate warm clothing for the Childrens’ Ward at the Indus Hospital.  The traditional Annual Charity Carnival; the two-day Lights Festival, involved the entrepreneurial expertise of our dear students to collect a handsome amount for the Bait-us-Sukoon Cancer Hospital this year.  The hospice has now been added to the already long list of volunteer facilities where our senior students from the O and A Level complete their mandatory social work before receiving their CAIE certificates.

It has always been part of our vision to provide unique opportunity to our students.  In this wake, it was an honour to host Dr Prof Ata-ur-Rahman who inspired the girls as he spoke about the Fascinating World of Science.  Similar sessions were the Virtual Reality Outreach by Ms Sharmeen Obaid  and on Gender Diversity by Ms Auriele Sulvaire.  The monthly Career Insight and Inspiration Program for the O and A Level girls also provided insight into the journey of successful women in a variety of careers.  Besides these on-campus events, selected students participated in The Enterprise Challenge Pakistan, The Karachi Literature Festival and the SPELT conference, each providing opportunity for intellectual discourse to our young girls.

The activity calendar was abuzz the whole session.  The Club and Society Venture offered 19 skill development options this year.  Inter-Class Declamations laid the foundation for the traditional Inter-School Competition in both languages.  This year, the Primary Section revived the glory of Elocution as each class recited selected poetry in unison.  Annual School Plays were conducted at every Section celebrating the glamour of theatre and music across the School.  The A Level enacted Absurd Person Singular whereas the O Level presented a humorous adaptation of Red Riding Hood. The Primary Section performed a moral development play titled Too Many Doctors, whereas the Secondary Section touched a sensitive topic of patience in a multicultural society in Dhanak, an Urdu play scripted completely by our faculty.  Rumble Grumble, the musical concert performed by KG II and Grade I, with its cuteness overloaded will be high benchmark to top for the upcoming year.

Field trips for the School ranged from the exposure to arts and archaeology, to the awareness of cultural diversity and historical significance.  Entertaining learning avenues were also offered at the International Film Festival, the programs with Ocean Adventure and the extremely popular Mountain Adventure by Adventure Foundation Pakistan.  The Worldwide video making Competition by the British Council was won by the Media Society of the A Level.  Another feather in the A Level cap was Rabiya Farooq winning the 3rd Prize shield across Sindh and Balochistan at the 6th Art Beat National Visual Art Competition and Exhibition.  As always, our girls won laurels at TCF Obhartey Sitarey as Fizza Fatima mesmerized the judges and audience with her powerful vocals.  The DPS name has received some goodwill it appears, as we received invitations to compete in two live Inter-School Quiz and Singing Competitions on National Media.  Expectedly, our teams made us proud, as both competitions were bagged by our extremely talented students.

A noteworthy milestone this year was the launch of DPS Saturday School.  Our Campus now offers exciting ventures that range from competitive sport to language expertise; from training for vocals to techniques of photography.  There’s a little learning fun here for everyone, not only for our students, but also their siblings, friends and neighbours.  It has been a pleasure to see the vibrant response from the community at large and we look forward to many more years of growth and success at this platform.

At the end, this past year has been another journey full of triumphs to celebrate and challenges that will, we hope, form stepping stones to future success.  We are humbled by the blessings we recognize in our achievement and stand proud as a team of committed educationists.

Thank you for your support.

“Wishing you a happy and prosperous Eid”

Principal O Level