Descriptive Essay


Describe the long prevailing lockdown situation in the country. Focus on people, places and surroundings.

“Caged birds crave freedom and companionship, not …. forced solidarity confinement … driven mad from boredom and loneliness, they often become aggressive, neurotic and self destructive as they languish in cramped cages.” Never did I imagine relating to reptiles ever before!

The streets linger in silence and the houses roar in chaos, agony and bewilderment, since the Government imposed lockdown on April 1, 2020. Quarantine is a word new to ears, yet being lived by so many today. As we’re now physically distanced from our loved ones; voice calls, online games and FaceTime is what’s keeping us connected. However, living with our immediate one’s have never felt this much of a roller coaster ride. These walls seem to be closing in and eating us away. We scream at each other at one moment and play board games or binge watch movies the next. Here we are surviving this pandemic by fighting from our homes and in our homes. Never knew I could become a hero too!

Though the real heroes are the frontline workers. The medical staff working tirelessly to save lives, while their own is at the edge. It’s sad to see their families with overwhelming fear and pride at the same time. They’re our national heroes, just as much valuable as the soldiers.

Each house has become a carnival. Each room has adopted certain lifestyle, depicting the many activities of our daily lives. There’s a room which now looks more like an office, used by those working from home. Then there’s room which is now a personal playground for the children. A room which is limited to studies and assignments, used seldom by students. The kitchen which daily lives an episode of the MasterChef.  And the common room, used for unnecessary arguments out of boredom and irritation. Staying home isn’t the hardest part, its staying home, with other people, all the time. Having to spend each minute of the day inside four walls, confined with other people can instill depressive episodes for many. My heart goes out to those living in abusive homes. People whose only gateway to life was few hours of socialising through work or school. For them this situation is no different than “out of the pan and into the fire”.

A tragedy for those in poverty, fearing hunger more than the virus. And an opportunity for the privileged one’s using this time to practice their hobbies or finally get done with the much procrastinated to-do self care; work on their summer bodies or fulfill their desire for long hours of sleep. Nevertheless this lockdown has affected the psychology and physiology of the entire human race. After all the injustice we’ve done, mother nature seems to be taking its rightful revenge. Engulfed in lethargy, boredom and helplessness we’re all at war with ourselves, others and the virus, hoping for corona to go back to its shell forever.

Shaiza Haq
Batch of 2019-20