Course of Study

The Dawood Public School A Level is keen to attract students who are not only academically competent but also have the potential to contribute to the learning environment of the school. All applicants are considered on their individual merit determined by the nature of courses taken and grades obtained. Applicants can select a group/ course offered on this link


  • Students are strongly advised NOT to register for a set of subjects for which they do not have an O Level background, especially pure commerce to pure science.
  • The candidates should enter the chosen subjects in form D.
  • Pre Medical students may opt for English Literature / Psychology /Environment Management (AS only) / Maths / World History as an additional subject.
  • Pre- Engineering students may opt for English Literature / Accelerated Maths /Futher Maths.
  • Students who have not studied O Level Economics are also advised not to select Economics as one of their subjects in the AS Level.
  • Students who have not studied Additional Mathematics in the O Level and have average Mathematical skills are advised to reconsider opting for A Level Accelerated /Further Mathematics.
  • Students who wish to take Language and Literature in English or World History must have strong language skills, be avid readers and have a keen desire to take the subject.
  • Care should be taken that the subjects chosen in the A Level programme satisfy the entry requirements of the next desired stage in your education.
  • Students and parents should also invest some time to ascertain the Level of difficulty of these courses, as ‘A’ Level work is considerably more challenging than ‘O’ Level course work.


  • All students are advised to make the choice of subjects carefully and judiciously.
  • No students shall be permitted to drop / change subjects during the term.
  • Change of subject, if possible, will only be allowed up to 05 working days after admission.
  • Change of subject will depend on the grade merit in the corresponding subject offered.
  • No students will be allowed to change a subject if her grade in the new subject is lower than the grade in the subject, which is being dropped.


  • During the first year, students will follow the advanced subsidiary level (AS Level) programme.
  • All students will be required to appear for school based on going tests/ assessments, Mid Year /Mock Examination followed by the AS Level Examination conducted by the University of Cambridge during the period May-June 2021.
  • Hence parents are reminded that they should give serious thought before processing the application of their daughter/ ward into our A-Level programme.