Club and Society Program

The Clubs and Societies venture at DPS provides leadership opportunity year after year. Showing steady growth, 2018-19 has offered a variety of 19 clubs and/or societies for aspiring students.  Run completely by students, each Club or Society has five Senior Council members from Grade XI and a supporting Junior Council from Grade X.  The latter group assists as an understudy under the collective guidance of a Club Mentor.  They are assessed and trained by their senior counterparts for a deserved transfer of responsibility for the next session.

We are proud to watch our students vie for the positions in the Senior Council and feel that this motivated development of talent is standing proof of holistic development at DPS.  With eighteen options, we are confident that we’ve covered all areas of interest.  From multiple sports options, to engaging gardening skills; from interest in oratory and literary endeavour to hands-on problem solving of life’s little matters; from the wondrous world of science to the technical prowess of computer technology; from the melodies in music to the aesthetics of art, DPS has offered Secondary Section students a sea of opportunity.

Art Club

For the creative students wishing to engage in craft and design activities

Active Citizens Club

A new club for students who are driven by compassion, with a desire to spread peace, harmony and happiness in the environment around them.

Science Club

The oldest Club of DPS, young scientists quench their curiousity here, with practical and out-of-the-box experiments to tweak the intellect. The Science Club  stood 2nd   amongst all in 2017-18.

Computer Whiz Club

Whiz provides exposure to video making, graphic designing, programming and much more…

Drama Club – English

Provides opportunity for on-stage creative expression; writing script, directing drama and learning the intricacies of performance in English.

Drama Club – Urdu

Provides exposure to the rich world of Urdu Literature and Poetry through stage performance. Urdu Drama Club stood 1st amongst all in 2016-17.

Entrepreneurs Club

A new venture; providing awareness of the business world and its functions. This Club aims to fine tune the interest of the commerce inclined students. Entrepreneurs Club  stood 1st amongst all in 2017-18.

Gardening Club

For environment buffs who love nature. Students here experience agricultural techniques and play a role in campus landscape.

Life 101

Carpentry, Sewing and Electrical knowhow. Students will be imparted basic life skills through different modules.

Helpers Society

For budding philanthropists and social workers. The Society aims to help the less fortunate by organizing collection drives followed by distributions. Helpers Society stood 3rd  amongst all in 2017-18

Music Club

Music – the language of the soul. The Club provides valuable insight to the world of rhythm and rhyme and students are given training for vocals and instruments.

Public Speaking Society

The art of public speaking is what defines confidence. Students here learn technical skills of intonation and inflection for prose and poetry in both languages.

The Literary Guild

Winning 2nd position in 2016-17, our very own DPS journalists give words to all activities and etch their names in history.